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My 10 minute make-up routine


My 10 minute daily make-up routine



You might be surprised, but my daily make-up routine takes only 10 minutes. I can assure you that you will learn it quickly.


I have an important message for you! In the morning I apply a moisturizing cream with a sun screen. I do my make-up after 1h but I wake up very early so I have time. Nevertheless, even when you are in a hurry I recommend to wait at least 15 minutes after applying your cream.



10 STEPS OF MY MAKE-UP (see also the pictures above):



  1. Primer

I apply it with my fingers. I use a moisturizing base because my complexion is very dry but I recommend you to choose a base appropriate for your skin type.



  1. Foundation


Use a foundation of the same brand as your primer. This is important information, because otherwise these products might not work well together. I use a brush to apply foundation, my opinion, the makeup effect is then the most natural.



  1. Concealer


A pink concealer perfectly neutralizes under-eye darkness. Over 40 we have more visible so called “the valley of teardrops” and such a concealer helps to mark it a bit as well. I punch it delicately with my fingers.

Mój makijaż w 10 minut


  1. Radiant concealer


I apply a radiant concealer to the lip corners, around the nostrils, above and under the lips, and between the eyebrows and under the eyes. I punch it delicately with my fingers. My face looks immediately brighter


Mój makijaż w 10 minut



  1. Matt powder


I apply it with a big brush on the middle part of my face (T-line). Avoid overdoing the powder on the whole face, as it will make you look instantly much older. It will also give you a “mask effect”.



Mój makijaż w 10 minut



  1. Brightening satin powder


I apply it with a big brush on the cheeks and the sides of my face. It beautifully brightens the face. I also apply it on my neckline.



Mój makijaż w 10 minut



  1. Blush


I apply it with a medium size brush. I chose a sparkly blush because the sparkles reflect the light, and as a result wrinkles and dark spots are less visible.



Mój makijaż w 10 minut




  1. Eyebrows


Mój makijaż w 10 minut



  • I comb my eyebrows with a little brush and I adjust its shape with a brow shadow using a special brush. Frankly speaking, as we age our eyebrows get lighter (I used to have natural very dark eyebrows) and thinner, so it’s worth taking care of them. Remember that eyebrows are the frame for our eyes.


  • I comb my eyebrows with a special eyebrow gel to hold them in shape.


Mój makijaż w 10 minut


  • I draw a beige/white line under the brow line and smudge it with my fingers. This trick perfectly opens your eyes! A beige pencil gives it a more natural look.



Mój makijaż w 10 minut



  1. Eyes


  • First I apply an eyeshadow foundation. If you don’t have one, just use your regular foundation.


  • The next step is applying eyeshadows with a brush but in neutral shades (cream, beige, or brown). A great trick is to use pinkish shades that gives the face a fresh and rested look. I always use it when I slept badly and don’t look so good in the morning.


  • I draw a delicate line using a pencil or an eyeliner on the edge of my eyelashes, and I smudge it with a brush. I do not like a defined line. In my opinion, a delicately smudged line gives depth to the eyes, and the eyes look more natural. I have green eyes, so I use a violet or a navy blue pencil – it nicely emphasizes the color of my eyes. If you want to emphasize your color, choose a brown pencil for blue eyes, and any color goes well with brown eyes.


  • On the bottom eye line, I draw a delicate line (violet) and smudge it with a brush.


  • I use a white highlighter/brightening pencil or a sparkly cream eyeshadow on the inside corner of the eyes. It will make you look rested and bright-eyed.


  • I use an eyelash curler (it opens the eye) and I use mascara. Sometimes I also use mascara on the bottom eyelashes.



Mój makijaż w 10 minut



  1. Lips


  • I use a lip liner in the same color as my lipstick. It guarantees a perfect shape of the lips. I draw a line on the lip. It’s not classy using a lip liner without lipstick, or a lip liner that is darker than the lipstick!


  • I use a lipstick and I “kiss” the tissue, and then I put a second layer of lipstick. Thanks to this trick, the lipstick stays on better and longer.



This is the final effect

Mój makijaż w 10 minut



I might also add, that when I am in a hurry I do not use either an eyeliner or a lip liner and thus save 2-3 minutes. This is also when I choose a brighter lipstick or lip gloss. As you can see, most activities are connected with the eyebrows and the eyes, because I believe that well emphasized eyes are the most important for the face. The eyes are the window to the soul 🙂


P.S. Pictures were taken with my iPhone without using any filters and beautifiers.



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