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10 Ways to be happy at work



Apparently there are work places where everybody loves working. I worked for many companies, both Polish and international. Frankly speaking, I observed that there are no places where everybody is happy.



How do you deal with a situation where you are unhappy at work? The easiest would be to say: I quit! But it’s not always possible for various reasons..


Lately, I read an interesting article by Susan M. Heathfield on how you can make your workplace enjoyable and fun. You can read the original article here.





10 Sposobów na bycie szczęśliwą w pracy





  1. Choose to be happy at work
  2. Do something you love every single day
  3. Take charge of your own professional and personal development
  4. Take responsibility for knowing what is happening at work
  5. Ask for feedback frequently
  6. Make only commitments you can keep
  7. Avoid negativity
  8. Practice professional courage
  9. Make friends
  10. If all else fails, job searching will make you smile



I worked for companies where everything was really great: the atmosphere, bosses, coworkers, remuneration and the responsibilities that I had. But I also worked in an environment that was horrible but the remuneration, employees and projects were great. I just felt the bad energy was sucking me dry. For a few years, the first 9 ways were helpful, but I finally reached point no. 10 🙂




What do you think about these ways? Would they help you to make you feel happier at work?

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