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14 Habits of likable people



Has it happened to you, that you meet someone and you immediately like this person? And you have the impression that it’s not possible to not like her/him, and that probably everybody likes this person? Yes, I also meet such persons sometimes.



Truly speaking, I don’t believe that there are people liked by everybody – I just don’t think it’s possible. But I have always been curious why some people are very popular whilst others are not. Such people are called likable.


Lately I found a list of the most likable personality traits (source: I have to admit that there is something in it.






  1. They develop a positive mental attitude and let it be felt and seen by others.
  2. They always speak in a carefully disciplined, friendly tone.
  3. They pay close attention to someone speaking to them.
  4. They are able to maintain their composure in all circumstances.
  5. They are patient.
  6. They keep an open mind.
  7. They smile when speaking with others.
  8. They know that not all their thoughts have to be expressed.
  9. They don’t procrastinate.
  10. They engage in at least one good deed a day.
  11. They find a lesson in failure rather than brood over it.
  12. They act as if the person they are speaking to is the most important person in the world.
  13. They praise others in a genuine way without being excessive.
  14. They have someone they trust point out their flaws.



Maybe it’s worth working on some of the above points, not to force yourself to be popular and likable, but just to be cheerful.



What do you think about this list? Do you know many likable people? Do you think that such habits are natural or developed?

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