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5 secrets of make up over 40


5 secrets of make-up over 40


5 sekretów makijażu po 40.


I receive a lot of private messages from my readers with questions about who does my make-up, and how I take care of my complexion.


Well, I do my makeup myself, exactly the same way like I do every day. It’s not a special makeup, like professional photoshoots, which is visible on my pictures. It will stay this way because I am not going to pretend to be someone else 🙂

I will write a separate post on my daily facial care another day.


And now let’s talk about substance. At 40+, the skin has a different density, is less elastic and it has more wrinkles. In my opinion, make-up should be natural and not too heavy. Too heavy and dark make-up will make you look older.





  1. Primer

A lot of women skip this step in their make-up routine, but a foundation primer prepares the skin prior to foundation application and facilitates blending and extended wear. Additionally, it makes the face look more radiant.



  1. Foundation and a brush
  • I choose a little bit brighter foundation than my skin color, because in my opinion it makes a mature woman look a bit younger and fresher. When I am a bit tanned, I mix it with a drop of darker foundation.


  • I use a brush to apply foundation. It makes the application quick and even, and in my opinion the makeup effect is the most natural. Try it yourself and you will see the difference!



  1. Highlighter, concealer and brightening pencil


  • A pink concealer perfectly neutralizes under-eye darkness. It’s been my MUST HAVE for years!


  • A radiant concealer applied to lip corners, around nostrils, above and under lips, and between the eyebrows and under the eyes brightens the whole face and covers signs of fatigue.


  • A little white highlighter/brightening pencil on the inside corner of the eyes will make you look rested and bright-eyed.


  • A delicate beige/white line under the brow line, smudged with fingers perfectly opens your eyes! You have to try it 🙂



  1. Blush with sparkles


Brightening blush makes you look younger and fresher. The sparkles reflect the light and wrinkles and dark spots are less visible.



  1. Lipstick and lip liner
  • The older we are, the brighter the lipsticks we should choose, because the dark colors emphasize the wrinkles around the lips and age us. Of course there is something about  red lips which are so sexy! Although instead of a deep red, choose a more coral red.


  • Lip liner has to be in the same color as the lipstick. It guarantees a perfect shape of the lips. When you are lining your lips, make sure that the pencil is either on the inside of the lip outline, on the lip, or that the pencil just skims the outside lip line for the most natural look. It’s not classy using a lip liner without lipstick, or a lip liner that is darker than the lipstick!



And finally ARM YOURSELF WITH A SMILE – it’s the most powerful weapon in a women’s arsenal! There is nothing better than a smile to make you look younger and add charm 🙂



Do you find this list useful? Did I miss anything? What are your make-up tricks? Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage



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