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60’s style


60’s style


W stylu lat 60.



I am a very sentimental person. Truly speaking, I was born in 1970 so I know the 60s only from movies, books and family stories, but I like 60’s fashion a lot. Although, I am not a big fan of backcombed hair, as it’s just not my style 😉 Who is the symbol of the 60’s for me? Definitely it’s Jackie Kennedy.


What was trendy in the 60s? Simple cut dresses, box-shaped jackets and coats, bright colors, geometric patterns, dots and stripes epitomize this period. The mini skirt was eventually worn by nearly every stylish woman. Almost all sleeves had ¾ length. Women wore comfy shoes on a small heel or flats. Short, geometric and backcombed hairstyles completed the image. Make-up was to underline eyes with a bold, black eyeliner, and also false eyelashes were worn by women throughout the 1960s. And mature women loved pearls. Just like me 😉


I think that I would find myself perfectly at home in the 1960s, because I like to look feminine and all women looked like that back then. I used only some of the elements to create a la 60’s look: red, short skirt, striped blouse, A-shaped coat with the ¾ length sleeves and a boxy bag. And pearls, of course 🙂


Today I am taking you for a walk into the Powisle Railway Station and its neighborhood, because it almost hasn’t changed since the 60s. Additionally, I asked my photographer to use a kind of a retro style filter because that’s how pictures looked like in the 60s. I mentioned some time ago that I love comfy shoes, especially when I walk a lot, so I wore flats but I also had high-heeled shoes with me, just in case 😉


Do you like it?


Photos by Robert Bajkowski




W stylu lat 60.


W stylu lat 60.


R Bajkowski -1207


W stylu lat 60.


W stylu lat 60.


W stylu lat 60.


W stylu lat 60.


W stylu lat 60.



I am wearing:

Blosue – Banana Republic

Skirt – Echo Fashion

Scarf – Gucci

Necklace – Chanel

Flats – Ferroni

High-healed shoes – Mauro Leone

skórzany płaszczyk/leather coat – Marni

Bag – Max Mara




Do you like 60’s style? What is your favourite style?Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.



Stay tuned!



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