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7 black things every woman should own



If you visit my blog occasionally, then you know that I love colors. Why then am I writing about black clothes? It’s because they are for me, like the last life buoy, when “I have nothing else to wear”. Besides, I sometimes choose black during some autumn and winter evenings.



The truth is that I always have something to wear, but there are days when I feel down (which happens rarely), and I have to go out somewhere. It might be a reception, a business meeting, a conference or anywhere. And I am just not in a mood to think about outfits, so then I take out of my closet my life buoy – something black.



7 czarnych rzeczy które powinna mieć każda kobieta



It’s enough to add some interesting accessories to black clothes (preferably in a bright color) and/or a red lipstick and you can create a great look. I wrote about accessories in my post “Basic accessories in your wardrobe” (here).







  1. Little black dress

It’s so obvious that I don’t even know what to write. You just have to have it! If you pair it with a cardigan or a blazer, you will create a smart casual or every day look. But it’s enough to add stilettos (I love statement color ones, e.g. red or fuchsia), interesting jewelry, a small purse and red lipstick and you are ready to go to a reception.



2. Black trousers

Black elegant pants may alsobe worn on many occasions. I like to pair them with a white shirt, a blazer and an interesting necklace, and I am then ready to go to a party. You can also create a smart casual look by pairing these pants with a blouse/shirt and a cardigan.


Below, you can see me in such an evening outfit. My friends and I were joking, and each of us had to have a picture on “a little princess throne” 😉



7 czarnych rzeczy które powinna mieć każda kobieta



3. Black pencil skirt

This is another classic piece of your wardrobe, that you can pair with anything to dress it up or down, depending on what kind of look you want to create.



4. Black blazer

A black blazer paired with jeans always makes the jeans look better. I do not wear black during the day, so I own a feminine version of a tuxedo blazer which I occasionally wear to evening events (see the picture above).



5. Black cardigan

A cardigan is a must have in every woman’s closet. A black one is chic, and although the best choice is to buy a cashmere cardigan, as black one also dresses up your whole outfit. It’s very practical because you can create a few outfits by wearing it with a dress, a skirt or pants.



6. Black stilettos

The stilettos are actually evening shoes, but it’s worth having them because they match every outfit. But for daily casual use, I recommend you buy a mid-high heel shoes or loafers – everything depends on the circumstances.



7. Little black purse

It’s another classic piece that is perfect for the evening, especially when you go to a theatre, opera or a nice social event.



So even though I own these black classic pieces I love colors. I seldom wear black, and if it happens, it is always combined with a colorful accessory, e.g. shoes. Last but not least: remember about the golden rule, that an outfit should be adapted to the circumstances.




What do you think about this list? What would you add to it? Or perhaps you don’t like black at all?

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