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7 rules to build your wardrobe




7 rules to build your wardrobe


I was inspired to write this post by Trish Jett’s book „Forever Chic”. This book is mainly for mature women, but in my opinion every woman, regardless of age, will find many valuable tips.



Frenchwomen always seem to be self-confident, and most of all, they come across comfortable in their own skin. They simply discovered a long time ago, that dressing appropriately before leaving the house, gives them a sense of self-confidence and that it helps gain respect.

Moreover, they believe in acting a bit cool and straight, and walking in an energetic way. When you walk with your head up, you look younger. They are also obsessed with looking natural. And these are the basic components of their style.


Trish wrote:

„…Chic has nothing to do with a closet full of luxury, top designer clothes(…), chic has nothing to do with being wealthy.

Chic is an eclectic combination of expensive and inexpensive, new and old clothes, paired in a way that reflects a woman’s personality, i.e. her style”.

It’s all about feeling good in your own clothes – only then is a woman stylish!





  1. Fill your wardrobe with clothes of a similar cut and look

They know in what clothes they look good, and they stick to them. The time for experiments is only in the shop’s fitting rooms. They only buy clothes when they can combine them with other clothes already hanging in their closet.



  1. Build and refresh your wardrobe with neutrals

A solid basis of your wardrobe has to be neutrals: white, grey, beige, ash-colored, navy blue and black. A well balanced wardrobe consists of smaller amounts of down pieces (skirts, pants) and more tops.

It’s not boring, it’s just the opposite! There are a lot of different shades and textures. They make their clothes more vivid via accessories, and thanks to them, their look becomes more individual.



  1. Details are important

Details give a new look to clothes that are similar. Frenchwomen spice up their style by choosing clothes with unusual trimming (e.g.: buttons, borders, embroidery or an interesting lining). Thanks to such details, no one notices that their jacket is often or always the same cut.



  1. Adding colors

Usually the color is in accessories. The wardrobe consists of about 15-20% colors. Chosen colors are never random, because their role is to emphasize the neutrals.

An exception from neutrals are winter coats in basic colors (red, blue or yellow), and their shades or pastels.



  1. Three questions


  • Does everything that I wear suit my silhouette?

It’s necessary to take drastic decisions and clear your wardrobe of clothes that don’t suit you. Emotional affection to some clothes must be overcome.

When we are mature, we know what flatters us and in what we look good.

The best clothes are those that we often wear, and in which we get the most compliments.


  • Do I express my personality via the clothes that I wear?

It’s very simple – the way we present ourselves, leaves a permanent first impression on others. Only the first few seconds count.


  • Does my wardrobe reflect my lifestyle? Is my wardrobe functional?

It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife, a freelancer, work outside of the house or retired. The best look is always very important for a woman. Frenchwomen believe that they set standards for their partners, children and grandchildren. They also know that a good look improves ones mood.



  1. Clothes emphasizing the silhouette

With age they wear more loose clothes. Clothes are not tight, but they smoothly fit the lines and curves.


  1. New functions of clothes andhaving good fun

Frenchwomen love dresses, but they don’t put them away after the summer. In the autumn, they pair them with tights (non-transparent) and cardigans. Or they put on a turtleneck sweater on a sleeveless dress, and in such a way, a skirt appears. Denim jackets make such dresses look less airy. Don’t be afraid of giving a second chance to your clothes!





In summary:

„Putting too much effort causes that a woman doesn’t feel confident. (…) It’s not about the clothes that make a woman stylish – it’s a woman who makes the clothes elegant. It’s all about the way she moves, talks, wears delicate make up, has a great haircut and a good hair color. It’s a combination of details that gives the effect of elegance.” – Anne de Fayet.



What are your ways of building your wardrobe? What do you think about the Frenchwomen’s way? Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage



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