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7 rules to look sexy over 40



7 Rules to look sexy over 40

Sexy – what an interesting word. What does it actually mean to be sexy over 40?


Actually, I do not even like saying “sexy” when describing style. The best style description was said by Coco Chanel:

“A woman should be two things: CLASSY and FABULOUS


She also said:

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the OPPOSITE OF VULGARITY”.





This is my definition of “sexy” or rather:




The older we are, the more luxurious we should look. My grandmother used to say that everything looks good on a young body, but when we get older we have to choose clothes and accessories wisely.

Luxury doesn’t mean very expensive, but luxury does mean good quality.




Here are 7 ways to look sexy/stylish over 40:



  1. Hair, skin and nails – always well-taken care of.
Hair extensions, nail tips, and too much hairspray are not recommended! Loose, bouncy hair able to flow around your face gives you a nice and fresh look (regardless of its length). Ladies, men love it 😉



2. Make-up – natural and not too heavy. 
Too heavy and dark make-up will make you look older. Use some primer to brighten your face, and always arm yourself with a smile – it’s the most powerful weapon in a women’s arsenal!




3. Focus on your best attribute – emphasize it and be proud of it.
Showing too much skin at once, is tasteless even when you look like a goddess. In other words: do not show too much skin.


4. Clothing – rather fitted but not tight.
Forget about sizes and stop stressing yourself – it’s not true that we should all be “0” size. Choose a size for each piece of clothing that works for you (and in my opinion this will and should vary, believe me).


R Bajkowski -477


5. Shoes – good quality, comfy and always clean.
Choose shoes in which you walk with grace. There is nothing more disheartening, than a woman barely able to walk although her shoes are fancy-schmancy 😉


R Bajkowski -545


6. Accessories – interesting and good quality. 
They should spice up your style. Choose one accessory as your trade mark. (I love jewelry, especially necklaces).


R Bajkowski -635


7. Self-confidence, sense of humor and mystery. 
There is nothing more sexy than confidence. A woman who likes herself looks happy and is happy. And she always leaves any watchers with some room for imagination – A magic combination!



This is my subjective opinion on the sexy/stylish look for women over 40.


What are your ways to look sexy and/or stylish?



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