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I think that everyone has a childhood memory, that brings a smile to ones face, and perhaps a tear at the same time. Very often such stories are connected with a symbolic and important gift, the one that one keeps like a treasure for their entire life.



When my husband was 12, his father gave him a watch which he had received from his wife (my husband’s mother). But it wasn’t just any watch – it was a wonderful, classic gold Omega. This watch was not for everyday purposes, but solely for special occasions (the watch in the middle).






My husband’s father died a long time ago when my husband was finishing university and beginning his professional career. And that was the moment when he started wearing the watch every day. The watch worked very well for many, many years, but alas a few years ago it stopped. It turned out, as the technology had changed, that the repair and upkeep for this model would be so high, that it was more sensible to buy another watch. I saw that it really upset my husband, because he was so emotionally connected to the watch and he didn’t want to hear about another new watch.

Coincidentally, his birthday was coming up, so I decided to surprise him and I managed to buy him a very similar Omega, but with the latest technology. My husband was very happy when he got it, and I am happy that the gift continues to remind him of his beloved father.


Then a few weeks ago, we received a very nice surprise.- I love surprises! As Omega customers, we were invited by the flagship Omega boutique in Warsaw to an individual watchmaker workshop. My husband was excited like a little boy, so much so, that I couldn’t help myself from teasing him a little bit. Although ironically, when we go then there, I too became excited like a little girl, because it was a really great experience and a fantastic adventure. How many times in life does one get the chance to take apart, and put back together again a watch?  We were hosted by Mr. Michal Ciechanowski, and we were trained by a nice young watchmaker from Slovenia, Mr. Domen Lecnik (in the picture below).  Both gentlemen were so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about watches, and so proud to be associated with Omega, that their enthusiasm was frankly contagious.






During the four hour workshop, we were taught using a “simple watch” that “only” consisted of 50 parts. As a comparison, for an Omega employee to get a watchmaker certificate, he has to take apart a watch that consists of over 300 parts, find the parts that should be replaced, and then put it back together again all within 1.5 hours!









The workshop was really exciting and interesting. Although we had to be very patient, it was also so interesting that we didn’t feel the passage of time. And also something amazing happened, because during this entire process I was so focused and relaxed, that I didn’t have this constant flow of thoughts in my head like usual. I was also surprised that my mind became as clear as during meditation – I was really “here and now”, and my husband felt the same.

If you ever have a chance to take part in such a workshop, then do not hesitate and just do it! My husband said afterwards that the workshop was so good, that for him it was a good enough reason to buy an Omega just to get invited to the workshop 🙂 – and by the way, if you were wondering this is an “unsponsored” post. It was such fun! And at the end, we received “watchmaker” certificates, and I left as happy as a child, because I felt like a star, especially as I was the first woman trained by our watchmaker Domen.






I would like to thank Michal Ciechanowski, the manager of the Omega Boutique in Warsaw located at Three Crosses Square, and Maxime Gourgouillat the Omega Brand Manager who invited us to the workshop.



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