About Renata

Sunday, 22nd May, 2022

Prosperity…chance, success, good luck – because I am a born optimist! Frankly speaking, I create prosperity by myself for myself. My motto is to start each day with a smile.

Precisely on Christmas Day 2015 I turned 45. I still cannot believe that time flies so quickly! I love being a mature woman and I would never ever want to turn back time. After many life experiences, I got to like and accept myself when I turned 36 and it was then my life really got on the right track.

Some people say that life begins at 40. Perhaps it is true? Perhaps we just become braver, or we appreciate every moment of our life much more and we still want to make the most of it? Perhaps…For others, grown-ups and older people become transparent or we hear „it’s a big no-no”. Really?! Wait until you get there 😉

My childhood dream was to be an architect, and although I chose differently I have had a successful career. But the truth is that I have an artistic soul and I often have my head in the clouds, although  I have been busily hiding it from the real world. Well…one cannot cheat fate or fool nature. A sequence of pictures and lots of very loose connotations appear in my head when I watch films, read books, hear something or simply when something catches my eye. And I always wanted to find a way to express it.

„Prosperity by Renata” is a blog for all daydreamers, although I make a bow towards experienced, vigorous women who are searching for something new, who love to learn new things and who love life. To women who have the courage to change their lives – even to do a complete about face! And for me, it is a springboard from everyday routine, fun and a good 45th birthday present for myself.

You do not need a lot to be happy: just arm yourself with a smile, put on whatever you like and imagine that you are someone else and you are the only one who knows it 🙂

I would like all women to believe that maturity is beautiful, intriguing and sexy!

And everything starts in your head…

We are the only ones who can create such reality, either actually or virtually 😉

Enjoy (not only mature women) 🙂

Renata Driscoll