Airy femininity



I associate femininity with airiness, delicacy, something elusive. In my opinion, femininity does not show too much of a body, so the outfit is to delicately emphasize the figure, and not to forcefully show its assets. With age I wear more loose clothes. In my case clothes are not tight, but they smoothly fit the lines and curves.


I wrote about it because sometimes some people ask me why I don’t show the figure. The answer is very simple: I don’t feel the need to do so. Besides, I value comfort too much, and tight clothes are not comfortable in my opinion.







Besides, I see a trend in some mature women that everything (their clothes) is tight and short, and even if they have a great figure, it doesn’t look good. I call this “mutton dressed as lamb” style.;) 


Following Coco Chanel:

“Nothing makes a woman look older than desperately trying to look young.”






Airy also means delicate fabrics, so today I present my beloved silk dress. If I could, I would only wear silk clothes, but unfortunately they are not available, and besides, they cost a fortune, so I only allow myself such a luxury from time to time.


This dress is the quintessence of femininity for me, and it has everything that I like: a slightly loose cut, which, however, emphasizes the waist, midi length (maybe maxi for some of you) and, of course, precious fabric.







I matched the dress with neutral accessories, i.e. beige flip-flops and a handbag, and my favorite gold jewelry. In summer, I almost always wear my favorite hoop earrings.







The dress is simply made for hot weather! In hot weather, it is better to cover your body, because it heats up quickly, and I can see in the streets that the hotter, the more “naked” people’s outfits are. If nudity helped in the heat, Bedouins would run naked in the Sahara, which is quite the opposite.;)






Summarizing, I like the most casual outfits, regardless of the season, that is comfort combined with a touch of elegance. I also recommend you to read my entry “7 Rules to build your wardrobe” (here).




Photos by Mega Cz.


dress – Jenesequa

purse – Wandler

sunnies – Miu Miu

flats – Gino Rossi



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