Autumn vibes in earth tones



I love autumn for many things, amongst others, for the beautiful colors of the leaves. On the one hand, these colors are very intense like red, yellow, orange and purple, and on the other, they are subdued like bottle green or rusty ginger, and all shades of brown – the earth tones!



The colors of the autumn leaves always inspire me, and when the autumn comes, I tend to wear more of the earth tones. I love to combine the shades of brown with yellow, orange, red, burgundy, cream, white, olive, ash grey and sometimes black (which is my least favorite color simply because it doesn’t make me happy).


Angie, co-founder of You Look Fab blog (one of my favorite foreign blogs), describes perfectly the earth tones:


Earth tones cover all shades of brown. From the lightest tans to the darkest chocolates, and everything in between. They also cover colors like mustard, burnt orange, cinnamon, toffee, camel, olive, forest green, sage green, cream, and a very brown burgundy. You can even think of warm taupes as earth tones.”



Today I wore a beautiful midi floral dress with a black background. The flowers represent the colors of the autumn leaves. When the autumn comes I like to wear layers, so I wore a white shirt under the dress (you can also see this shirt here).


Today I styled my dress in two ways, one more elegant, and the second one more casual.


The more elegant outfit is the dress combined with a woolen caramel blazer and/or a yellow shawl, that you can wear on the blazer or on the dress.







The casual version is the dress paired with the yellow oversized alpaca wool sweater that I knitted myself.






Such dress looks great with different types of shoes, and here I paired it with suede caramel pumps and very comfortable booties that are kind of cowboy styled.





The other accessories are the caramel cross body purse, sunglasses with golden frames and golden jewelry. In my opinion, gold is a perfect match with the autumn colors.




Although it was quite cool and crispy, I can assure you that I was very warm because of the layers of natural fabrics.



Photos by Mega Cz.


dress – Hexeline

white shirt – Natty Looker

blazer – Sisley

sweater – my DIY

bag – Michael Kors

pumps – Venezia Poland

booties – Rag & Bone

earrings – Orska

sunnies – Linda Farrow


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