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Basic accessories in your wardrobe



Accessories are very important elements of every woman’s closet. In my opinion they spice up every outfit. Truly speaking, the power of each look lies in high quality accessories. And low quality accessories may spoil good quality clothes. So it is worth investing in good and timeless accessories.



I am a big fan of building a wardrobe out of classic elements in basic colors. I described it in detail in my post “7 rules to build your wardrobe” (here) and in my post “ My TOP 7 MUST HAVE clothes” (here).


A particular outfit may look completely different, depending upon the accessories. Besides, thanks to accessories, you can be trendy without breaking the bank. It’s enough to add one trendy element, and keep the rest of the outfit classic and simple.


Thank to appropriately chosen accessories, each woman may create her own, unique and distinctive style.






  1. Jewelry


It’s my favorite accessory! I cannot imagine leaving my house without jewelry. My trade mark are statement necklaces. But it also happens, that I put on a big ring, earrings, a bracelet or a broche.


Remember one golden rule: less is more! For example, while wearing a statement necklace, I put on tiny stud earrings. Usually I put on only one type of statement jewelry.


A watch – I’ve been wearing the same elegant watch for years. I believe that a mature woman should have an elegant watch. The colorful, plastic watches do not appeal to me – well, perhaps at the beach only.


It’s a matter of principle that I don’t leave my house without my watch, my engagement ring and my wedding band and tiny stud earrings – these are my basic must haves!


I also recommend that you read my post “Jewelry is not only for the evening” (here).




Podstawowe akcesoria w twojej szafie



2. Scarves


I love scarves and neckerchiefs – and this is one of the reasons that I like autumn. I like them, because they can turn a simple outfit into an interesting look.


They also have a few other functions, which I wrote about it in my post “Scarves and neckerchiefs” (here).


Depending on how you tie your scarf, you can make your look younger or older, so tie it the way you feel like at that moment.




Podstawowe akcesoria w twojej szafie



  1. Bags


Ok, I can admit that I spend the biggest amount of money on my bags. Mainly, because in my opinion a good quality bag and shoes are the most important elements of the whole outfit. A good quality bag makes the outfit look more luxurious.


You don’t believe it? Then start observing other women. Just add a good bag to a simple white shirt and jeans, and such outfits immediately look more chic. On the other hand, if you add a bag that looks cheap, then the whole outfit looks lower quality.




Podstawowe akcesoria w twojej szafie



  1. Shoes


I could write a separate post about shoes. It’s as important an accessory as a bag. I think it’s obvious that they should always be clean and chosen according to the occasion, but it’s worth remembering 😉


It’s good to have at least one pair of each the following type of shoes:

  • Flats
  • Loafers
  • Ankle shoes
  • Mid-height shoes
  • Stilettos (wear them only to elegant and evening events – they are not business shoes!)



Podstawowe akcesoria w twojej szafie



  1. Belts


Too little women focus sufficient attention on the importance of belts. Sometimes they don’t even wear belts. A belt’s role is to both embellish an outfit and to focus attention on certain parts of ones silhouette. It should also be interesting, and of a good quality.



Last but not least – even the best outfit doesn’t look good without clean hair and a nice manicure. Sometimes I see a nicely dressed woman, but the whole charm is gone, when I notice greasy hair and/or chipped nail polish. The devil is in the detail!



Do you accessorize yourself? What are your favorite accessories? Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage





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