Book “Love Yourself!”

Sunday, 22nd May, 2022




I am very happy and proud to announce that my personal and professional story is a part of an inspirational book for women “Love Yourself. Perfectly Imperfect Women”.
Using real life personal stories of eight women, the book shows women that it’s worth fighting to find and accept your true self, that you can be happy and fulfilled, and that the path to fulfillment lies in your head and hands. 
The book is excellent, and as an aside, if you are interested in getting to know me better, there is no better written record of my personal story.






Thank you Philips Beauty, Burda Boks and Anna Dereszowska Official for a wonderful adventure.



with Anną Dereszowską – actress and Philips Beauty ambassador


Take good care of yourself and be good to yourself!



The 8 women in the book from leftto richt: Anna Ostrowska, Marzena Bojanowska, Patrycja Plewka, Anna Dereszowska, Patrycja Paluch,

Renata Driscoll, Katarzyna Michalczuk, Katarzyna Gaweł