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Camouflage patterned dress


Camouflage patterned dress


Kamuflażowa sukienka



A short introduction for my English speaking readers:


One of the most popular and classic Polish TV series was “Four Tank Crew and the Dog” which is a World War II adventure about four tank soldiers and their dog named Szarik. This series was filmed in 1966 to 1970, and was in fact a kind of soviet propaganda, showing the allegedly close friendship between the Polish and Soviet armies, fighting together against one common enemy.


One of the subplots was a love story between Janek (the Polish tank radioman) and a Russian female sergeant named Marusia (at the end of the series they got married). There was also a character named Lidka, who was also in love with Janek during the whole series (although she used to flirt with all the soldiers). As a child, I loved this series, and at least 2 generations were raised on it. We didn’t care about the propaganda, we just loved the whole series.


When I was a little girl, I dreamed about looking like Marusia (ok, there was also Lidka’s fanclub but much smaller). I realized, not so long ago actually, that I wanted to be like Marusia, not because she was so beautiful, but because I wanted Janek to fall in love with me.


Here is the picture of Marusia and Janek





Of course, neither the looks nor the age is appropriate for me to pose as Marusia today, but I don’t care 😉


Marusia lives not far away from the Museum of Polish Military Technology, and now she occasionally likes to go there from time to time, to daydream and reminisce about meeting and falling in love with Janek…


Let’s go for a walk with Marusia 🙂


Photos by Robert Bajkowski


Kamuflażowa sukienka


Kamuflażowa sukienka


Kamuflażowa sukienka


Kamuflażowa sukienka


Kamuflażowa sukienka



Ok, that was my daydream and the reality is very prosaic:


The whole story is that my son got chicken pox, and for 2 weeks we were stuck at home. We were going crazy!!! On the first day allowed by the doctor, we immediately decided to go for a walk. The weather was horrible: rainy and cold. Where to go then? We decided to walk to the Museum of Polish Military Technology which is located not far away from us. We like going there from time to time, because it’s almost always empty (no people), and the grounds are filled with numerous historic pieces like tanks, artillery, jets, helicopters, trucks, etc. – if you are interested in such pieces, I strongly recommend you visit if you are ever in Warsaw. You know, all the boys like it regardless of their age 😉


Anyway, it turned out that my  photographer colleague could join us, so we decided to have a photoshoot. Well, unlike the weather I put the colorful camouflage patterned dress on (it was perfect thematically). I made my outfit completely crazy and patchy just to cheer everyone up 🙂


Kamuflażowa sukienka



Military style is not close to my heart, but this dress has its charm thanks to its feminine colors. Obviously, I do not recommend to mix so many colors. The green sweater is my DIY and I just wanted to show it off, plus it’s very warm and fits perfectly under the coat. Crazy necklace? Well, I simply couldn’t resist – look at one of the pictures above, this necklace rocks!


Usually I wear this dress in the summer time with flats (nude color) and I do not add any jewelry – patterns are bold and enough is enough.


Here is the picture with my son who doesn’t like to be photographed


Kamuflażowa sukienka


I am wearing:

Dress – Gap

Coat – Viola Śpiechowicz

Sweater – DIY by Renata

Boots – Deni Cler Milano

Bag – Gucci

Necklace – Chocokate

Scarf – nn


And now I will tell you a secret. There were ups and downs and finally I met my own Janek. Here is my favorite picture taken just after our wedding 🙂



Kamuflażowa sukienka



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