Duffle coat



A duffle coat is a very interesting alternative to other outerwear. I have been looking for a classic beige duffle coat for years, and finally some time ago, I found this beautiful example in one of my friendly second-hand shops. What convinced me to buy this duffle coat (other than the fact that it was in my size and cost only a small portion of its original price)? It was the liner – which you can see in the last picture.



A duffle coat is in my opinion, a combination of a style and comfort. I have written many times that I like classically cut clothes, because they are a good investment. Such clothes will last for years, and they always look elegant and neat on you. And the neatness in an outfit is a very important thing for me. Besides, my outfit has to be functional, comfortable and good quality.



My look today is casual, because I wanted it to be warm and comfortable. My duffle coat is made of wool and it’s warm, but I really feel warm when I wear layers.





So I wore a white sweater with red stripes and cute little bows, dark blue jeans and a navy vest. I like vests worn under a coat, because they don’t restrict movements.






Generally, when you pair a beige duffle coat with navy, you create a polished but casual look.




I added a warm cap, gloves, a red shawl and a tangerine purse to brighten the outfit.






To make this look more feminine, I wore heeled suede booties, although I usually choose navy (here) or red (here) sneakers.





It was very cold but sunny when we were taking the pictures. In the background, you can see the Old Town and the pictures were taken in the Marymont area.




photos Robert Bajkowski


 duffle coat – Burberry
sweater – Talbots
vest – Polo Ralph Lauren
jeans – nn
shawl – Promod
cap – nn
gloves – Wittchen
booties – Cafenoir
bag – LV
sunglasses – D&G




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