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Embrace change



Nie bój się zmiany



Nie bój się zmiany

With Anna Stankiewicz-Ostaszewską (Ownef of Anja Coraletti)

  and Moniką Gajewską-Poppe ( Lewanowicz Jewellery)




Embrace change


For the n-th time I left my comfort zone. On Tuesday June 28th I had the honor to be a presenter at the V Personal Branding Polska Conference. I am very glad that Anna Szubert invited me, and put so much trust into a person for whom public speaking in front of so many people was a “virgin” experience.



The conference took place in Teatr Kamienica, an extraordinary location for such an event. We were greeted by Emilian Kaminski, the owner and creator of this place, who told us the history of the theatre.



I was one presenter amongst the following:



Anna Szubert and Witold Moszyński presented the results of a survey showing that Polish entrepreneurs do not like to attend training courses, even the free ones.


Dorota Markiewicz-Kubik was talking about the importance of building relations beyond the internet. And that it’s possible to do business without written agreements via the trust and respect built over years.


Anna Skórzyńska, the owner of Szumisie, told us about building her brand from scratch without any business knowledge. Her idea came from her heart, and the need to get some sleep. Nowadays, her murmuring teddy bears help thousands of babies fall asleep, so their parents can also rest and sleep.


Jacek Krajewski, social media personal brand specialist, explained the importance of skillful communication and presence in social media.



Nie bój się zmiany



Joanna Górska, The Polsat news journalist, gave us a preview of media training. She told us what one should remember if he/she is invited to appear on TV, as well as what not to do.


Piotr Schramm, an attorney at law, talked about the importance of emotions. In his opinion, it’s crucial to have a strong, personal brand that has the ability to elicit emotions, in order to be noticed on TV, or to become a successful media person. And one has to remember about working hard.


The conference was closed by Anna Szubert who talked about the five most important elements that build a personal brand. She also talked about the elements that make a personal brand outstanding, so the environment starts to be interested in it, and fascinated about it.



And I talked about my professional career, and my way from corporation to blogosphere. I said that one should embrace change, and that one should always fight for oneself, because one must have the courage to do what one wants. And that thanks to hard and honest work, we can achieve a lot, although it is often accompanied by failures and sometimes health problems. And that I would not have arrived to where I am today, without some good people that I met along the way.


I am very touched that I had so much support from the audience. I didn’t expect that so many people would shed tears during my presentation, and that I would receive so many beautiful emails afterwards. Thank you all so much! It’s worth living for such moments, particularly when you are doing something you love 🙂





Stay tuned!





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