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Sunday, 22nd May, 2022

Checkered coat

    I really like checkered fabrics/plaid, especially checkered outerwear, so today I am showing off my checkered coat. It is thin, but very warm,…
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Green coat

I noticed that a lot of people wear black clothes in Autumn and Winter. With me it is the other way around – the shorter…
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Autumn look with a boxy jacket

  And Lady Autumn has finally arrived, beautifully colorful and so far sunny. When the weather is transitional, it’s too early for coats and padded…
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The last days of Summer

Until a few days ago it was very warm and sunny. I have to admit that summer has said goodbye to us this year in…
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Airy femininity

  I associate femininity with airiness, delicacy, something elusive. In my opinion, femininity does not show too much of a body, so the outfit is…
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Blue and brown

I like colors and I am not afraid of different color combinations. Most often I come up with color compositions myself, and sometimes I am…
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Long jeans

  As you know, my biggest love in the wardrobe is dresses. I even have a separate wardrobe with only dresses in it! But apart…
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The Snow Queen

  Everything looks magical in such a beautiful winter scenery. And that’s how I felt, literally like the Snow Queen, or like a mysterious Hollywood…
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The summary of 2020 fashion posts

  To begin, I would like to remind everyone, that what I call “fashion posts”, are not really about fashion, but are about my personal…
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Red dress

  Red is one of my favorite colors. Even when I’m not wearing a red garment, I always have my nails and lips red. When…
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