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Saturday, 24th July, 2021

Caramel puffer coat

  If you regularly read my blog, then you know that I love juicy colors. However, my whole wardrobe is not that juicy. Truly speaking,…
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A dress with loafers

  Today I am presenting another dress from my favorite Polish brand Marie Zélie, which specializes in very feminine dresses and skirts. I am always…
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A jersey floral dress

  I love dresses. And today I wore one of my newest, but already one of my favorite, dresses. This is exactly the type of…
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Slouchy corduroy pants

  I love corduroy! I used to wear corduroy pants a lot in the past, but later I seemed to forget about them. Or perhaps…
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Houndstooth is always trendy

  Apparently, houndstooth patterns are trendy this season, which is great, because I’ve always loved them! Actually, I am under the impression that they have…
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Linen and an oversize cut perfect for Summer heat

  High temperatures are killing us all, and sometimes one never knows what to wear to survive such heat. My way is to choose natural…
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My style is smart casual

  Today I am dressed in a smart casual way, which is actually my everyday style, in  short “my uniform”. What does my uniform mean…
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Spring, where are you?!

  Theoretically, we have spring, at least this meteorological one, but it is still quite cold here in Warsaw. Nevertheless, I already have enough of…
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Suede skirt

  In Autumn/Winter, I like to tuck myself in a warm sweater, shawl and a coat. I  choose natural fabrics such as wool, cashmere or…
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Green blazer

  It is white outside, winter is in full bloom, and I am slowly preparing my wardrobe for spring.     It means that I…
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