Fall’s first kiss



There are new fashion trends every season. I do not follow trends very closely, although I do like to know what’s going on. First I decide which trend I like and what I want to apply, and then I search through my closet to check if I already have it. The truth is that trends come and go, and come back again, and if you search well enough you will always find something trendy in your own closet. I actually wrote about it in my post “Recipe for successful wardrobe shopping” (here).



I choose what I like and what is in my style out of the many fall trends, so today I wore clothes that simply hang in my closet. Some of them, like: hoop earrings, boots or a bag, are many years old, and others are a bit newer, although I didn’t buy anything because it was trendy. Some of this Fall’s trends are: hoops, snake patterns, polka dots, sand and camel tones, and gold (it seems like I’ve been in trend for at least the last 20 years;)).


Today I am taking you for a walk around the Palace of Culture and Science.


Photos Robert Bajkowski





I wore a striped dress because I like stripes, and I wear them not only during the Summer. I added a camel lightweight trench, suede boots and a “faux snake” bag.





I didn’t want the outfit to be too bland, so I added a red polka dot scarf. Actually it’s not a scarf, but a sash taken from one of my dresses. I love red and polka dots, and I also like mixing dots and stripes. The red is also in trend this fall, so everything is well put together.





I took to my photoshoot two pairs of shoes. These suede boots are great for transition periods, like early Fall or Spring. Boots of that height optically shorten a silhouette, then if you don’t like it, you can change them into pumps.





Here I wore suede block heel pumps.






The whole outfit is complemented by gold details, like golden hoops and sunglasses, and the ornaments on my bag and pumps are also golden.






dress – Henry Lloyd

trench – Marc O’Polo

bag – Deni Cler Milano

boots – Max Mara

pumps – Venezia

sunnies –Linda Farrow

hoop earrings – W.Kruk



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