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Floral dress


Floral Dress


Sukienka w kwiaty



“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, “The Secret Garden



Today I decided to create my own secret garden…sometimes the most beautiful flowers are not in a garden, but the ones blossoming in your own closet 🙂


When I put on a floral dress, it’s a sign that it’s definitely spring time. Once I heard that a floral dress is a no-no for a woman over 40. Really?! Great joke 😉


In my opinion, we can wear whatever we want regardless of the age. And if I am in a mood for a floral dress I put it on, just like that! Today I wore a floral, feminine dress with a very intense color, and with a cut that doesn’t look infantile. Speaking of accessories, I decided not to wear a necklace. I only added cute crystal earrings which beautifully reflect the light and are sparkly.


For some, floral patterns are the domain of either children or older women. So in what ways can you make a floral dress look modern, and make you feel good in it?




Firstly, choose a dress with a strong color

A strong color not only adds interest to your clothes and spices it up, but also guarantees a great mood! I know what I am talking about, because I confirmed it myself 🙂

Nevertheless, if such a bright color intimidates you, because some people might turn their heads, you might calm such a dress down by adding for example a white jacket, jeans coat, or a leather biker coat.


Secondly, play with the contrasts

If you want your dress to be more vibrant and fun, then add some contrasting accessories – strong contrast is the key. For example, I added a strong green bag. Or you can choose flowers on a contrasting background.

There is also another option, such as a floral dress playing the main role, and the accessories might just be in the background. As you can see I put a pair of nude colored shoes on, and instead of the green bag, I could choose a nude colored bag. In this case, I would not mind having both shoes and bag in the same color. But remember, that having a bag and shoes in the same color is old-fashioned 😉


Thirdly, match your floral dress with your size and silhouette

If you are fairly tall or slim, you can choose either bigger or smaller flowers (floral patterns have to be matched with your size).

If you are short and petite then you shouldn’t wear big flowers because they can overwhelm your silhouette.


And now let’s go for a walk. Warsaw is not only concrete and steel 🙂




Do you like floral dresses? What kind of floral dress would you choose for yourself? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.


Photos Robert Bajkowski



Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty


Sukienka w kwiaty



I am wearing:

Dress – CH Carolina Herrera

Shoes – Michael Kors

Bag – Michael Kors

Sunglasses – DITA Eyewear

Earings – Swarovsky



Stay tuned!



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