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Good style with LIYA


I am very happy that I meet a lot of fantastic women over 40 who always have time for new challenges and the realization of their passions.

One such women is Liliana Kostka-Majewska, the owner of multibrand LIYA boutique. Liya’s motto is “Liya. Dress your personality”.



Here I am with Liliana


Dobry styl z LIYA



Her boutique offers great quality clothes, and just as important, there is a good balance between price and quality. The collection is in line with minimalism, and it’s the essence of a casual style in its best form. Everything matches, and can also be used as a good basis for other clothes.



Dobry styl z LIYA


Dobry styl z LIYA




The first time I wrote about LIYA in the post „Round-up Week 10”, where on March 10th I took part in an event named “Stylish Evening”.

On Saturday, May 21st there was an event named “Saturday in a good style”. The next event of this series will take place in June.


The event partners were: Kreatornia Stylu, PINK MINK Studio – Vegan Make Up, MINOU Cashmere, FUERZA, HÖGL Shoe Fashion – Polska, Galeria Widzenia, Change Polska.

The media partners were: Madame, Ty i biznes, BeautyMission, 4allwomen.pl, ModnaUlica.pl, Magazyn Kreatywne.


This event gathered many women who were able to take advantage of a stylist’s advice, namely Magdalena Iwańska from Kreatornia Stylu.



Dobry styl z LIYA


Magda Iwańska from fight, Agnieszka Wrzesień from left (KREATYWNE magazine)




Right in front of our eyes, Magda did a makeover to some women. Here is one of the makeovers.



BEFORE makeover

Dobry styl z LIYA


 AFTER makeover

Dobry styl z LIYA



Magda Białas, the owner of FUERZA Jewelry, designed especially for LIYA a limited version of a leather bracelet from the Cuero collection, in a color that perfectly complements Liya’s collection.


Dobry styl z LIYA



Also MINOU Cashmere shawls are available at Liya. This brand was created by another fantastic woman Natalia Rochacka (on the picture below with Liliana). Natalia created this brand, because it was love at first sight, or rather first touch in the case of the cashmere.



Dobry styl z LIYA


Liliana Kostka-Majewska and Natalia Rochacka



These shawls complement the Liya collection, and Magda Iwańska showed us some  interesting ways of knotting them.






It was also possible to buy sunglasses supplied by Galeria Widzenia.



Dobry styl z LIYA




I am not going to hide that I am a huge fan of the LIYA Boutique, and I don’t have to be convinced to take part in such events 🙂



Stay tuned!



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