Green coat


I noticed that a lot of people wear black clothes in Autumn and Winter. With me it is the other way around – the shorter the days and the less sun, the more I am drawn to colors. I have coats and jackets of different colors and the darkest down jacket that I own is navy blue. Colorful clothes just put me in a good mood!


Today, the main role is played by an oversized, juicy green coat with a slightly boxy cut. Green is my beloved color, but I don’t have many clothes in this color, because I just like green in my clothes as one strong accent.







To emphasize the coat even more, I decided to dress neutrally, this time in shades of white – cream and light beige. This is how I created a column of neutral color which is the background for the green coat. So I’m wearing a cream wool cardigan (the same only navy blue you can see here) and cream jeans (they were here). The accessories, i.e. boots and a handbag, are also in these colors.







Generally speaking, creating a column of color makes the silhouette appear taller and slender, although I do not pay attention to it that much because I am tall. And as you know, I like to wear shorter (ankle length) pants, although it supposedly shortens and cuts the figure. Well, it doesn’t bother me at all. 🙂 But if you want to lengthen and slimmer yourself, remember this trick, which is creating the column of color.








Photos by Mega Cz.


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