Grey coat combined with neutral tones



A grey coat is a timeless classic! It is elegant, sophisticated and it’s also a shade that draws attention without being too “in your face”, like for example red or pink. If you visit my blog, then you know that I love bright colors. But if I was to get rid of most of my clothes, then I would definitely keep this grey coat and my caramel one (you can read about it here). Why? Because they are timeless and versatile classics – it’s enough to change accessories and such classic coats look differently each time.



I created this outfit, because I wanted to show you that by wearing layers you can look interesting and elegant. I wrote about it in my post “How to wear layers and look stylish” (here). When it’s very cold, I choose layers created of natural fabrics (cotton, wool, cashmere). They not only look elegant and chic, but they also fulfill a basic winter function which is giving warmth. It was -12 C when we were taking these pictures, and only my face was cold. I felt like being in a nice, soft and warm cocoon.


Today I decided to create a monochromatic look in mixed neutrals. I love this subtle color palette that’s perfect any time of the year. Today the main role is played by the grey wrap coat.







I wore a white t-shirt, over which I put a grey cashmere cardigan that I treated like a blouse, so I tucked it in the caramel skirt (this skirt is slightly draped at the waist and has slit pockets on the sides).






Thanks to tucking my cardigan in at the waist, the leopard print belt is visible (a nice belt is always a great embellishment). Additionally, I wore a knee length beige wool and mohair cardigan. When the waist is emphasized, the whole silhouette looks proportional and light, although I have some layers on.





On my neck I wore a vintage silk scarf and two pearl necklaces (white and brown). What can I say? I love bling-bling;). And I have been finding myself drawn to pearl jewelry lately – who knows, maybe it comes with age?





To create a pulled together winter look, I added a warm cap, and a warm scarf – this one is checkered in the colors of brown, grey and cinnamon – brown gloves, brown purse on a long strap, and grey suede boots on chunky heels.









Fot. Robert Bajkowski


coat – Pinko

skirt – Marie Zelie

long cardigan – Yaya Women

grey cardigan – Emanuel Berg

t-shirt – nn

bag – Michael Kors

belt – Ann Taylor

silk scarf – vintage

scarf – H&M

gloves – Wittchen

cap – nn

suede boots – nn

jewelry – Lewanowicz Jewely



What do you think about grey coat? Do you have any grey pieces in your closet? Do you like monochromatic looks?




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