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How to become an independent woman?


How to become an independent woman?



I was inspired to write this post because I took part in a training course “An Independent Woman” conducted by Kamila Rowińska.


Probably, some of you who visit my blog already know that I read a lot of books (different areas), I attend many training courses, conferences, networking meetings and I keep learning new things (i.e. I write my blog by myself so I had to learn how to use ), etc. It’s not because of an excess of energy or ADHD, but I simply have this inner need for continuous self-development, and have had it ever since I was a child. Life has shown me, that this personality trait is very useful, especially living in these times where one should be a “Renaissance person”. The world develops so quickly, that in my opinion we have no other option, especially when you consider how the employment market has changed. Forget about those  times when it was enough to get a degree and have the same job/profession for ones entire life. I have changed my profession about 4 times thus far. Why do I speak mostly of work? Because “no pain, no gain” and no financial independence.



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What topics were covered during the course?


The goal of this training course was to convince women to be independent and to show how to achieve this independence. Let me quote one sentence from the note book that was given to all participants (on the picture above): “Success and wealth is good. You deserve to be a wealthy and an independent woman!”.


The participants had to answer the following questions:

  • What stops me from being successful?
  • What is my actual financial situation?
  • How to choose the profession of my dreams?
  • How to manage your domestic/personal budget?


I can assure you, that giving an honest answer to these, and many other questions, is a very valuable experience and an absolute necessity! In my opinion, financial independence should be a fundamental objective for every individual, regardless of their gender! Kamila tries to convince women  that being completely husband/partner dependent doesn’t bring anything good.

We never know what will happen, if for example one day a partner/husband leaves us. And then what? We also cannot really count on our state pensions, because we already know that they will be insufficient. We have to work until retirement to support ourselves for the remainder of our lives, because we will retire at the age of 65 and statistically we might live until we are 100, And then what? Will we be poor for many years trying to scrimp and save on everything? With age our health will worsen and we will need more money for health care. There are many examples.


Kamila gives many valuable hints about achieving financial independence, diversification of income and the most important message is: continuous learning and aim to achieve the highest level in your chosen profession.



Do I recommend this training course?


For sure such courses are very necessary and useful, especially for young women at the beginning of their professional careers. But because my motto is “it’s never too late”, I recommend any courses to every woman at any age. I  see numerous examples of unhappy couples, where they remain together only because of a mortgage, and I also see many women completely, financially dependent on their husbands/partners.

I know from my own experience that continuous learning, professional development and being independent was very beneficial to me. When I divorced my previous husband a few years ago, I was not afraid of anything because I knew that I could support myself. And although I am very happy with my present husband, I continue to strive to be financially independent and will do so all my life.



Will you like a training in such a format? You have to assess it by yourself after reading the description of the training’s surroundings.


Surroundings of the course


Taking part in this training course, together with another 700 women and a few men, was a very interesting experience. By the way, I was wondering why a man would take part in such a course?! Anyway, it was the first time I attended a course with so many participants. The room was sufficiently large and good technical infrastructure – in particular two big screens and excellent sound – Kamila was seen and heard from everywhere in the room. One could see this  because Kamila walked around and asked everyone to change seats after each break in order to facilitate  networking and the meeting of new people. Although this may aid networking, it was rather difficult with so many people in the room.


A “wall”, where one could take a picture with Kamila was a huge surprise for me, in particular  the long line of people standing there waiting. Perhaps it’s a good idea, but personally I much prefer spontaneous selfies.

There were also stands with books written by Kamila, and with coffee/tea plastic mugs designed with various motivational quotes. The book selling is always a great idea, but selling mugs for PLN 45 per is a little bit too much for me. But everybody knows that Kamila Rowinska is the master of selling and she can sell anything 😉


Another surprising thing were „dancing” breaks. From time to time a young lady asked everyone to stand up and “dance”, clap and joyfully shout with her, etc. I definitely didn’t like this, because one cannot stage spontaneity. If I like something a lot, then I clap like crazy, and such a “joyful crowd on command” is not my cup of tea.



Anyway, I want to finish this post on a high note, so I can say that I loved the fact that some deaf people attended the course and the whole event was translated into sign language. Bravo!



What do you think about financial independence? Are you looking optimistically into your future? Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage



Stay tuned!



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