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How to choose sunglasses


How to choose sunglasses


What is one of the most essential accessories for a woman? Sunglasses! For some women it’s their signature trademark.

What sunglasses to choose? What sunnies are the best for the shape of your face? Should you choose something in fashion, or go with your individual preferences?



Do you wear sunglasses only in the summer time? If you count properly, it will probably come out that you wear them at least a few months of the  year. I always have sunglasses with me, one pair in my bag and a spare in my car. They are useful even in the winter time.


I like to observe people, and I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that interesting sunglasses can create a whole look, they can reshape the face and they add some mystique. But most of all, they are supposed to protect our eyes from the sun. I wear contact lenses, so my eyes are more sensitive to the light, so I wear my sunglasses very often.


How to choose sunglasses?


Honestly speaking, the best way is to go to an optician, where a knowledgeable person  will advise you on the best sunglasses for you.

Generally speaking, it’s said that you should think of opposites. So it means that for a round face you should choose more angular frames. For a square face, you should choose more round frames to help soften the features. For a triangle-shaped face, choose aviators or rounds. For an oval face everything works well!




How much money to spend on your sunglasses?


I used to buy inexpensive sunglasses and I used to lose them non-stop, until I bought a good, expensive pair, and could then see the difference. First of all, more expensive glasses give 100 percent UVA and UVB protection to prevent sun damage. Second of all, they are lighter and made out of better materials. Good sunglasses can add chic, and they can make the whole look. I also learned how to take care of my sunglasses. In the old days I used to put them anywhere in my bag, and now I always keep them in the original box, and I finally stopped losing them!


It’s worth considering how often you wear your sunglasses. If you wear them as often as I do, which is almost every day, than it’s worth buying more expensive sunglasses because it’s a good investment.



How many pairs of sunglasses should you have?


It depends on what you like :). I for example like to have at least 2 pairs. A heavier and edgier  frames I use for the autumn and winter. For the spring and summer time, I choose lighter looking frames.

Lately, I adore mirror sunnies, although I hated them in the past, so sometimes  our tastes change significantly. I also like sunglasses with adjustable nose pads, because those without pads leave red indentations on my nose.



Here are my 3 favorite pairs of sunglasses



Jak dobrać okulary przeciwsłoneczne


Jak dobrać okulary przeciwsłoneczne



Golden Linda Farrow sunglasses are more bulky, so I wear them in autumn and winter time. In my opinion they are very elegant and definitely add chic. In the winter we are all covered so you can’t see the outfit and it’s even more worth investing in some interesting sunglasses.




Jak dobrać okulary przeciwsłoneczne


Jak dobrać okulary przeciwsłoneczne


I just love my blue mirror Matthew Williamson sunglasses! They are not only ultra-light, but also so joyful. I think they are perfect for the spring/summer season.




Jak dobrać okulary przeciwsłoneczne

Jak dobrać okulary przeciwsłoneczne


Transparent DITA Eyewear frames are my newest purchase. They have a very interesting shape and they are a juicy accessory practically to any outfit.




What are your favorite sunglasses? Can you make do without them? How many pairs do you have? Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage



Stay tuned!



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