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How to effortlessly look modern and fresh over 40?


Jak wyglądać nowocześnie i świeżo po 40. bez wysiłku



How to effortlessly look young
and fresh over 40



Each of us likes to look good. Sometimes we are stuck in a time trap of the look we had when we were younger, and this unfortunately ages us. Things that worked for us in the past, do not provide any charm 20 years later. And it takes so little effort to look attractive and up to date.







  1. Choose clothes that emphasize your figure

Stop hiding behind too loose clothes. Well, it’s true that our silhouette changes with age, but regardless of your size you can look good. Just choose a size for each piece of clothing that works for you and focus on your best attribute.



  1. Stop wearing helmet-head hair

The most visible sign that you are stuck in the past is outdated hairstyle and lots of hairspray. It’s time to change your haircut! Loose, bouncy hair able to flow around your face gives you a nice and fresh look, regardless of its length.



  1. Take care of your teeth

With age our teeth get yellow, and a beautiful smile takes years off in 5 minutes. You can whiten your teeth, or clean them regularly at a dentist, and you will see a huge difference. Truly speaking I am obsessed about taking care of my teeth.



  1. Make your skin tone even

After 40 our skin becomes uneven and starts to reveal dark spots and wrinkles. Take care of a nice, delicate and brightening make up. You will look fresh instantly! Try it and you will see a difference without plastic surgery.

You will find more in my post “5 secrets of make up over 40” and “My 10 minute make-up routine”.



  1. Arm yourself with a color

Dark colors take us down and age. Wear colors – color adds energy and life!



  1. Move up your bust

Well, gravity always takes its toll 😉 . Use a good supporting bra. Your silhouette will look immediately younger.



  1. Stand up straight

A hunched back ages you and adds kilograms. Stand erect   and you will immediately be more confident and full of energy! And also it will make you look a few kilos less.




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