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How to be yourself and live happily



Actually, the answer is in the title of my post. I believe that you have to be yourself to live happily. When you are at this phase, the phase of being yourself, you are simply happy. You don’t have to pretend anymore to anyone.



It seems to be so simple but it’s actually very difficult – Don’t you think so?


You probably heard many times: just be yourself! Great advice but the question is how to do it? How do you stop thinking negatively about yourself? How do you get out of situations that you got yourself into, because it met the expectations of others? Or because you wanted to please someone? Anyone, like your parents, teachers, children, friends, boss, etc.


I can bet that you probably thought many times, that everything would be better if there were some changes in your life. You are the only one who can make these changes. Start being proactive!


It took me many years to like myself the way I am. Below I have written the most important ways on how to like yourself and to be happy.




Jak być sobą i żyć szczęśliwie







  1. Learn more about yourself

Do you really know yourself? Or do you just think so? Or perhaps you are constantly looking for the real you?

I wrote the post “How to know yourself better” – read here. There you will find some very useful questions to ask yourself that will help you to know yourself better.


But most of all be spontaneous, at least sometimes. When you are spontaneous, it is the real you, not the person who was taught to behave in a given way.



  1. Don’t worry about what others think of you

It’s good to think occasionally about what others think of you, if you want to make positive changes for yourself. And if you want to change and develop, then do it, but just for yourself and not because others expect it of you. And don’t care about people whose opinion is not important to you.

Learn how to distinguish positive feedback from negative criticism.



  1. Forgive yourself your mistakes and learn from them

Forgive yourself your mistakes. Review your mistake, identify what you should have done differently, and then move on. It’s now the past and the past has nothing new to tell you. Constantly reminding yourself of these mistakes or dwelling upon them brings you nothing – it just subdues you. Forgive, learn and then move on!



  1. Appreciate who you are and what you have

Stop comparing yourself to others. It limits you in your ability to be yourself and to reach the “unreachable”. Every person is different and that’s great! Life would be boring if everybody was the same. And look at yourself from a different angle – appreciate how much you have achieved so far!



  1. Stop negative self thinking

Try to look at the glass as half full. As soon as you learn to be positive about yourself (try to find at least one little good thing every day), you will feel the difference. Seriously, I tried it and it works 🙂




What do you think about these ways? Do you find them helpful? Do you already know yourself well?



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