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How to take care of skin over 40



With age our skin changes. For many women, the facial skin becomes more dry, less elastic, and some age spots may appear. Such skin needs a little bit more help.



I receive many questions from my readers on how I take care of my skin, because it’s so nice and radiant. So today I am sharing with you the ways I take care of my face.







  1. Lifestyle – you are what you eat

I truly believe in that. I eat good food and regularly (5 meals per day). I am trying to have a well balanced diet– there are a lot of veggies and grains. I eat sweets, but in moderate amounts. I seldom eat chocolate, because it also gives me pimples. I also eat fast foods occasionally – I believe in the old saying, “Everything in moderation”. I don’t smoke and I seldom drink alcohol.



  1. The Magic power of sleep

A major reason for my radiant and well rested face is due to regular sleeping and lifestyle. I try to sleep 8 hours per night. Actually, with my Hashimoto disease I need a good amount of sleep, so I just listen to the needs of my body.



  1. Stay away from the sun

I was never a big fan of sunbathing, and I never put my face straight into the sun. Actually, I use sunscreen during the whole year (during spring and summer a strong one), because I have a tendency to spot because of the Hashimoto and the related hormonal changes. I also wear sunglasses and a hat during extended sun exposure.



  1. Make-up removal and cleansing

Regardless of how tired I am, and how late I come back home, I always remove my make-up before going to bed. I wash my face with micellar water, and then a non-drying toner to close the pores.



  1. Moisturizing is the basis

In the morning I use a moisturizing cream, and in the evening I use a serum and a moisturizing cream. Twice per week, I use a mask that I can wear during sleep. Once per week, I exfoliate the skin with a peeling mask. From time to time, I apply a coconut oil. I believe that moisturizing from the inside is also very important so I drink a lot of water.






In summary, regularity and routine are the basics. We are like plants in the garden. When you water us well and regularly, then we grow well and age nicely. The same is with our skin. I am not a fan of chasing my youth, because I don’t believe that one can stay young. I’d prefer to age nicely 🙂




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