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How to wear floral dresses all year round



How to wear floral dresses all year round? Is it possible? Of course it is, why not? It is enough to choose appropriate accessories and outerwear.



I am always very happy when I discover a new Polish clothing brand. Not so long ago, I discovered Marie Zélie which specializes in very feminine dresses and skirts. I am delighted with the attention to detail, the variety of shapes and patterns, and the overall excellent finish. I especially like that  each dress and skirt has a lining, and this is a rarity nowadays, and it is very important for me as it lifts the overall comfort of the clothes.


Today I would like to show you two dresses from Marie Zélie, both of whichhave a great fitted shape, wonderful color and exquisite patterns. I feel very comfortable in them, and yet elegant. In other words, the quintessence of femininity! One dress is yellow (in a beautiful golden shade), and the second one is green (my beloved color!).


Some people say that floral dresses are suitable for young women only. I disagree with that, and I hope to show you that a mature woman can look great in such dresses. They just have to be appropriately styled.


First, the yellow dress.





To make a floral dress look modern, it’s enough to add a leather belt, a denim jacket and booties. I chose suede booties with tassels which make them a bit boho.





So to emphasize this kind of boho look, I also added long statement earrings. Such an outfit is perfect for late spring and early autumn.





If you don’t like denim, then choose a small cardigan (I chose a yellow one), red pumps, add a delicate jewelry and the style of this dress changes instantly. It’s a bit in the 50s style which I love a lot!




You can also just show the dress alone in its own beauty.



When it gets colder, just put a long woolen cardigan on and tall boots (perfect autumn look).






In the winter just put a coat over it, a scarf and you are ready to go 🙂





The green dress has a delicate, satin luster. To dress it down a bit, I wore a navy blazer because I love the combination of green and navy.





I added navy boots so the whole outfit looks modern and elegant, but not formal. You can wear such an outfit to the office (if the dress code allows it). But remember – In the office you shouldn’t wear boots, so just change into pumps.






Thanks to the delicate luster of this dress, it is also perfect for more elegant (festive) occasions, for example to a theatre or an elegant dinner.




Instead of a blazer, just take a shawl, pair it with some great stilettos in contrasting color (I chose fuchsia), and you will instantly look ultra-feminine!





I hope that you like my proposals. By the way, I am very curious if you like floral dresses? When and how you style them?



Photos Robert Bajkowski



Location courtesy of LEWANOWICZ Café.



dresses – Marie Zélie (c/o)

coat – Hugo Boss

denim jakcet – Hugo Boss

blazer – Jake’s

long cardigan – Yaya Women

caramel bag – Michael Kors

burgundy bag – Marni

suede boots – Primamoda

navy boots – Deni Cler

booties – Chloė

red pumps – Anamarko

fuchsia pumps – Carolina Herrera

sunglasses – Linda Farrow

jewelry – Lewanowicz Jewely



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