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How to wear jeans over 40




How to wear jeans over 40


I was inspired to write this post because of some messages that I received from my readers. They wrote that they hesitate to wear jeans, because they think it’s a no-no due to their age, or figure, etc.



Hello?! You can and you should wear jeans! Jeans look great on every woman regardless of her age. It’s enough to choose jeans wisely by finding an appropriate style and color.



Here are some guidelines on how to choose jeans to look elegant and stylish:


  1. Choose dark and solid colors. Such jeans look more elegant and they make you look slimmer. My favorite jeans are navy blue, but black or graphite look good as well.


  1. Choose white jeans if you are slim – it’s a great option for summer.


  1. Stone washed jeans are more difficult to wear because they make your legs look bigger.


  1. Avoid lower waist cuts and/or too tight jeans.  A hanging belly or sides are not flattering.


  1. Don’t bare your stomach. This is better left for teenagers.


  1. Choose long, straight jeans. They look great with heels and will lengthen your legs.


  1. Skinny jeans look great with tunics. Don’t wear them with short tops.
8. Boyfriend jeans are great for a more casual look, but you can also roll up your straight leg jeans. I roll up my jeans 🙂


  1. Avoid embellishments on jeans.


  1. Dress up your jeans by adding interesting jewelry. Personally, I like to pair jeans with a simple shirt or t-shirt, and then I add an interesting necklace. See also my post “White shirt and jeans”.



These are just my personal guidelines, that I break sometimes, because one should always remember that fashion is fun 😉



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