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Italian chic


Italian Chic



Włoski szyk


Have you seen the movie „I Am Love” with Tilda Swinton („Io Son L’Amore, dir. Luca Guadagnino)? If not, you absolutely have to see it. It’s one of the most beautiful movies that I have seen over past few years. It’s painfully beautiful! I will bet that you will be crying for the last 10-15 minutes of the movie.

It’s a movie about a mature woman who lives in the world of planned  convenience and rituals. Emma is an adoring and attentive mother of three, but feels unfulfilled. She meets her son’s friend Antonio, a passionate love affair starts that will change the family forever.


I watched it again a few days ago and it inspired me to write this post about Italian chic. Tilda looks amazing in this movie! The substance of Italian chic!


What is Italian chic for you? For me it’s primarily good quality, simple and elegant forms, and a polished cut. Add to it some great accessories that make the whole look: bold jewelry, good shoes, great bag, interesting sunglasses. Generally, it’s all about emphasizing femininity, so there is no room for baggy clothes. The dresses highlight ones silhouette and are elegant. If we choose trousers, then this masculine look should be mitigated by feminine accessories (i.e. a scarf, a great necklace or earrings). Italian women love navy blue and black, but they are also not afraid of bright colors.


Actually, it doesn’t take much effort to create an Italian style look. My favorite look of hers was the simple trousers in restrained orange, a pale blue shirt, loafers and a wonderful necklace of grey pearls. Simple, effortless and what a fantastic result! You have to see this movie.


If you are not here for the first time, you probably know by now that I love colors. So I jumped into my violet trousers 🙂 . In my opinion, low-heeled shoes are an interesting alternative to loafers or flat pumps. However such shoes look good only with trousers, because every leg looks heavier in pants than they actually are. See the rest of my outfit in the pictures. Enjoy!


Photos by Robert Bajkowski


Włoski szyk 

Włoski szyk


Włoski szyk


Włoski szyk


Włoski szyk


Włoski szyk


Włoski szyk



I am wearing:

Shirt – Massimo Dutti

Trousers – Max Mara

Coat – Agnona

Shoes – Mauro Leone

Necklace – Lewanowicz Jewellery

Bag – Balenciaga

Sunglasses – Matthiew Williamson



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