How to take care of skin over 40

  With age our skin changes. For many women, the facial skin becomes more dry, less elastic, and some age spots may appear. Such skin…
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How to effortlessly look modern and fresh over 40?

    How to effortlessly look young and fresh over 40     Each of us likes to look good. Sometimes we are stuck in…
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7 Make-up mistakes over 40

    Lack of concealer under your eyes   I am not going to beat around the bush- as we age our skin gets uneven.…
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My 10 minute make-up routine

My 10 minute daily make-up routine     You might be surprised, but my daily make-up routine takes only 10 minutes. I can assure you…
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5 secrets of make up over 40

5 secrets of make-up over 40     I receive a lot of private messages from my readers with questions about who does my make-up,…
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The fountain of youth

The fountain of youth   Some time ago I wrote about a book by Tish Jett called “Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style,…
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10 secrets to being CHIC

10 secrets to being CHIC     For sure, lots of us ask ourselves sometimes a question: How can I always be chic? I think…
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7 rules to look sexy over 40

    7 Rules to look sexy over 40     Sexy – what an interesting word. What does it actually mean to be sexy over…
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