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Lady in red



“…Lady in red

Is dancing with me

Cheek to cheek

There’s nobody here

Just you and me

It’s where I wanna be

I hardly know

This beauty by my side

I’ll never forget

The way you look tonight…” – Chris de Burgh



Kobieta w czerwieni


Lady in red



I am not wearing a red dress today, but I have put on my favorite red coat, and every time I put it on I think about the 80’s pop hit “Lady in red” by Chris de Burgh. Gosh, is it really that old?


I’ve had this coat for 2-3 years now, and it’s my favorite thing to lighten my mood, and the more cloudy and rainy it is, the more I choose bright colors like those of my red coat. Besides, my Instagram photo of this coat was very popular, so I decided to show it off. That day I was walking a lot, so I also wore sneakers. However, instead of sport shoes, you can also wear loafers (btw, I had my loafers in my bag just in case), and the whole outfit then looks more polished and elegant.


Navy blue is my favorite color, and I also have a weakness for stripes. The stripes add extra volume to any figure, but I do not always follow  the rules that I described in my post “Dressing a big bust” (here). If I like something, I wear it and that’s it 🙂 . If I don’t have any business meetings, I usually dress in such a style, especially when I want to feel free, comfortable and smart casual all at the same time. The chino pants I simply love! And I also love dots! So lately I have been experimenting with mixing patterns and stripes and dots, so they obviously like one another a lot 🙂


I noticed that many people choose the color black for every day outfits, but frankly speaking we Poles don’t look good in black due to our skin tone. I would like you to consider navy blue  if you are not already into it. Navy blue is chic and effortlessly nonchalant, and actually I haven’t met anyone who looks bad in navy blue.


Let’s go for a walk in Warsaw.


Photos Robert Bajkowski



Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


Kobieta w czerwieni


I am wearing:

Top – Ann Taylor

Jacket – Qui

Pants – Esprit

Coat – Lunia Bonder

Scarf – Deni Cler

Shoes – New Balance

Bag – Prada

Umbrella – Wittchen

What is your favorite color? Do you like to mix patterns? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.


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