Linen and an oversize cut perfect for Summer heat



High temperatures are killing us all, and sometimes one never knows what to wear to survive such heat. My way is to choose natural fabrics and oversize cuts, because there is nothing worse for me than clothes glued to my body when it is so hot.


Today I wore a light linen oversized shirt (blue and white pinstripes) from one of my favorite Polish brands. I paired it with simple white “girlfriend” jeans. White reflects sunlight, so it is a perfect color for hot Summer days.






Regarding jewelry, I wore my oldie but goodie golden hoops, a pearl necklace, a pearl ring and signet ring.





For accessories I chose my favorite basket bag, braided white and navy blue belt, and nude mules.






Actually, this type of styling is almost an everyday casual summer outfit (of course I wear more elegant cloths for business purposes). Those white jeans are so comfy that I could wear them every day. They match all kinds of tops, especially some great linen shirts that I have in my closet. Mules and basket bag also match all my Summer outfits, so I do not have to make an effort to choose accessories, and I am ready to go within five minutes! 🙂





P.S. Yes, I know that oversize cut and white color make me look heavier and bigger. Who cares? I have a roof above my head, food and good health, and that is what really matters. 🙂


Pictures by Mega Cz.

shirt – Monika Kamińska

jeans – Kappahl

belt – Kappahl

basket bag – Seagrass

mules – nn

sunnies – Matthiew Williamson

hoops – W.Kruk

pearl necklace – Anka Krystyniak

pear ring – Mokobelle

signet ring – Anna Samków




Dziękuję, że tu jesteś 🙂






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