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Long blazer



Below another take on a work appropriate outfit subject to the vagaries of individual corporate cultures. This time a look in the so-called “city style”, which is not the same as “street style”.



The basic elements of city style may be the same, but do not necessarily have to, as a day formal dress or business professional. The basic piece is a blazer/jacket (different cuts), that can be paired with many different pieces and accessories.


In this post, my basic piece is an ashy long blazer that can also be worn as a light coat. I paired it with a navy blue V-neck blouse and 7/8 length patterned navy blue pants. I added classic navy blue pumps and a navy blue structured purse. In one of the pictures you can see me wearing loafers, which are also admissible in city style. I recommend wearing loafers if you use public transportation, because it’s simply more comfortable and you can change them to pumps in the office.


I decided to be modest with jewelry because of the patterns and stripes on the blazer sleeves (and modest jewelry is also recommended in this style), so I just chose an interesting brooch. Thanks to such interesting details like patterns and stripes, this outfit is more interesting and still neat and elegant.


In my post “Dress for success over 40.” (here) I wrote that you shouldn’t be afraid of some color at work. If you think that a colorful blazer is a bit too bold – like in the post “Red blazer” (here) – then choose colorful accessories. The outfit becomes not only more vivid, but also more feminine – check my post “How to look professional and feminine in the office” (here). You shouldn’t be afraid of patterns, but everything in moderation.



Today I am taking you for a walk to the Gardens of Wilanow Palace in Warsaw.



What do you think about this outfit? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.



Photos Robert Bajkowski















long blazer – Yaya Women via

blouse – Esprit

pants – Monnari

pumps – Massimo Dutti

loafers – Adam Tucker…Me Too

purse – Valentino

sunnies – Matthiew Williamson

brooch – Lulu Frost



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