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MindSPA – a workshop by professor Ohme




We have been living in a quickly changing world that brings us many different forms of stress. In this everyday race, we forget about ourselves and we stop noticing the small, but important things around us. We think too much, and we wind ourselves up anticipating the next problem. Living in a such way, sooner or later, we will feel exhausted and burned out.



On top of this, in a world dominated by technology and an excess of information, one may also feel lost. Our senses are deadened, and we keep forgetting that our inner compass is potentially a savior: our intuition pushed by our subconscious. But alas, we have stopped listening to the inner signals sent to us by our body.



What to do to destress, find the balance in life and find your inner compass?



I found my way thanks to ”MindSPA”, a workshop created by professor Rafal Ohme, and I am very happy to have been invited.


The „MindSPA” workshop will give you a valuable dose of knowledge and tools, thanks to which you will reassert control over your emotions. I have to add that it’s not a workshop that will change your life within 8 hours. It is supposed to change your habits and to improve the quality of your life, but you will not accomplish it without earnest and regular work on yourself. It’s just the beginning of a beautiful way, and an adventure of mindfulness and taking care of yourself. Professor Ohme said: “Taking care of yourself is your duty!”. You just have to look at the world from a different angle.



MindSPA warsztaty profesora Ohme

with prof. Rałal Ohme


Let’s go back to the workshops 🙂


The “MindSPA” workshop is 8 hours long for a maximum of 20 persons. The group is divided into smaller subgroups. Each subgroup has its own table and personal assistant called “Cicerone”. The workshops are very dynamic and full of very interesting intellectual and kinesthetic exercises.


The workshop consists of four parts, and each part is dedicated to an important area of a human being’s life.



  1. LEARNwhen you increase your emotional intelligence, you will better use your intuition.


During the first part, professor Ohme presented in a very straightforward way the role of neuroprocesses that take place in our body, and which are the basis for communication, intuition and decision making.


I learnt that, although we’ve been human beings for 2 million years, we do not realize that we are “A divine soul in the body of a savage”. And this savage has been sending us important signals, that we ignore because we think too much, and we do not receive these signals because we are jammed up by the excess of outside information.

I cannot tell you too much, but to encourage you to take part in this workshop, I can just tell you that you will learn, amongst other things, why Descartes was wrong saying “I think therefore I am”.


In this part I learned the importance of intuition, that we marginalize and we are unaware of it. Intuition is a powerful inner voice, because it senses interpersonal relationships. When I listened to the presentation, I got goosebumps, because I realized that all the mistakes that I have made (in connection with other people), took place because I didn’t listen to my intuition and I rationalized my inner voice.

It’s important to re-learn how to FEEL in the first place – in other words, to read our body signals (gut feelings), and then to DO, and in the end to THINK. To put it in another way, the first impression/feeling has a crucial meaning so don’t rationalize it!




  1. CHANGEyou will become hardened to stress caused by change, and you will find a healthy distance to yourself and to others.


In this part, I learned why the brain doesn’t like change, and how it influences our behavior, and most of all why we choose routine.

And changes are important because changes rejuvenate!

We learned simple ways that we can use, to change our habits in order to nurse diversity which in turn improves creativity. There was a lot of interaction with other workshop attendees, lots of laughing and fun.


A valuable lesson: when you get distance to yourself you will close the distance to others.




  1. LIFT YOUR SPIRITlook at your surroundings.


In this part, I learned that some elements of our surroundings, may be the source of tension and sadness (so called “chips”). They are small things around you (at home and at work), that you don’t pay attention to, but which cause negative emotional reactions.


On the other hand, there are so called “sweeteners” in our surroundings, that give us a sense of safety, warmth and happiness.


I learned:

  • How to recognize „chips” and how to get rid of them.
  • How to recognize “sweeteners”, and how to introduce them to our lives. These small, barely noticeable things change our mood positively, and it’s good to know how to consciously manage them.
  • It’s necessary to exersize to get rid of stress. Physical activity burns cortisol.




  1. WAKE UPyou will learn how to get inspired, energized and immunized to failure.


The last part is about five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Three out of five senses are deadened due to technology, especially due to the virtual world that consumes us more and more.


We discovered how to awaken our senses, and leave the routine behind us, by using all our senses, which is a cure-to the virtual world.


I learned:

  • Why it’s worth being inspired by geniuses.
  • Why it’s worth leave routine behind and take a chance on diversity.
  • Why awaking senses slows down time.




In summary, professor Rafal Ohme’s workshop was a very interesting experience. I recommend it to everyone who is into self-development. Besides, I met a few great persons. I am impressed with the professionalism and great organization of the workshop. In the end each attendee received homework that is subsequently monitored and checked. Like I wrote at the beginning, it’s not a workshop that changes your life within 8 hours. Its purpose is to change your habits and to improve the quality of your life, but you will not accomplish it without earnest and regular work on yourself. It’s just the beginning of a beautiful way, and an adventure of mindfulness and taking care of yourself.





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