One skirt and three looks



I love versatile clothes. It is enough to change accessories and they look different. So today I decided to show you different takes with one skirt to demonstrate its versatility. Besides, I like preppy style, as I wrote about in my post “Preppy Style” (here), and today’s outfits are actually in preppy style.



I like classic pieces, so I was very happy when some time ago I found this navy blue skirt that is a little bit sporty. I immediately knew that it would match many of my clothes. And this is exactly the art of building your closet which you can read more about in my post “7 Rules to build your wardrobe” (here).



Photos Robert Bajkowski



One skirt and three looks


Look nr 1


I paired my skirt with a navy blue t-shirt and a striped blazer. I added navy blue nontransparent tights and navy blue pumps (remember that it makes you look taller and leaner when you put on the same color of shoes, tights and a skirt). I accessorized this look with a pearl necklace and a suede belt to dress the look up. I put a coat on (look at this interesting fabric that looks like salt and pepper), a patterned scarf and a burgundy purse to break a little bit the monotony of navy blue with a pop of a different color.

This outfit is very comfortable and casual at the same time, and I like such combinations the most. You can also wear it if the dress code is not too official.










Look nr 2


I paired the same skirt with a striped t-shirt and a grey blazer. I would like to draw your attention to a very interesting detail like the blazer’s lining. That’s why I rolled up my cuffs, so the lining is visible, and thanks to this detail the whole look is more interesting. Same tights and belt, but I wore striped ballet flats matching the colors of the t-shirt. Yes, I love stripes 🙂

This look is also very comfortable, but even more casual than look no. 1.








Look nr 3


With this outfit, I paired my skirt with a gingham shirt (blue, white and pink mixture), navy blue loafers and a navy blue trench. This outfit is also very comfortable and you can run errands all day.








Co sądzisz na temat tych strojów? Który look podoba ci się najbardziej? Czy lubisz takie uniwersalne ubrania? Napisz komentarz tutaj na blogu lub na moim fanpage’u na FB



skirt – Soyaconcept

navy blue t-shirt – Kappahl

striped t-shirt – Tommy Hilfiger

gingham shirt – Unisono

striped bazer – Montego

grey blazer – Tatuum

trench – Tommy Hilfiger

coat – Esprit

pearl necklace – Lewanowicz

ballet flats – Nine West

pumps – Unisa

loafers – Wittchen

belt – Banana Republic

purse – Stella McCartney

scarf – Ann Taylor



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