Orange total look


Some time ago, in one of my blog posts I wrote:


”Orange is one of my favorite colors! I also really like yellow and red, and it just so beautifully happens that orange is formed from these two colors. Orange is a beautiful bridge between a joyful yellow and an energetic red.

Did you know that orange is the color most visible from the air, on land and in water? That’s is why emergency services outfits/vests are this color. Orange works very positively for people because it’s energetic, but not as overwhelming as red, which some people find quite aggressive.”


So today, from head to toe I wore orange. For some of you it may be an exaggeration, but I like energetic colors. I am immediately in a better mood wearing them, and the shorter and cloudier the days are, the more vivid colors I wear.





I’m wearing a lightweight, rusty sweater, a zebra-patterned skirt (you’ve seen it here), an orange coat, and an orange shawl.




I put suede, rusty boots, with small inner wedges, and added an orange-cream-caramel shoulder bag.





These beautiful pictures were taken at Zdrowisko (a place in Kampinos forest) . This wonderful place was founded by the sculptor Jacek Zwoniarski, whom I am pleased to know personally. His sculptures, as well as many beautiful antiques, adorn this unusual ecotourism place.







And Jacek’s old dog Niunius, joined the photos. And thanks to Niunius, a magical session was created in which I felt like the Little Red, or rather an Orange, Riding Hood. 😉





Photos by Mega Cz.


pullover – Brookshire

skirt – Monnari

coat – Marella

boots – Massimo

purse – Celine

shawl – LV

sunnies – Prada




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