Pink coat



A pink coat is a great, jolly color that will lift your spirits. The more the days get short and gloomy, the more I need to lift my spirits, and colors have the power to do it. There is little sun in Poland during autumn and winter, so we have to handle it somehow.



Navy blue is my beloved basic color and dominates my closet. It’s a great background to other bright and powerful colors like red or pink. We have to be careful with pink – we don’t want to look too sweet and childish, so in my opinion, just choose one element of the outfit in pink.


I wore a simple navy blue dress which suits many occasions. I added the navy blue thick tights and the navy blue suede tall boots. I like to wear thick tights in the same color as my tall boots. It optically lengthens the legs and the entire silhouette. It was cold so I wore a navy blue hat. I love hats – they make me feel and look a bit retro. It’s enough to take a hat off and the outfit looks modern. I topped off my look with a navy blue bag, and grey leather gloves to somewhat disperse the navy blue.


I love such a simple look, which is very comfortable and what’s more important, it consists of the basic elements of my wardrobe. I wrote about building your wardrobe in my post “7 rules to build your wardrobe” (here). This outfit is also good for work – read also “Chic at work” (here) and “What NOT to wear at work” (here).


Today I am taking you for a walk in Park Zdrojowy in Konstancin-Jeziorna (just outside of Warsaw).



What do you think about such an outfit? What is your favorite combination of colors? What do you think about pink? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.



Photos Robert Bajkowski



Różowy płaszcz


Różowy płaszcz


Różowy płaszcz


Różowy płaszcz




Różowy płaszcz








Różowy płaszcz







coat – Molton

dress – ECHO Fashion

tall boots – Fabi

bag – Valentino

hat – Seeberger

necklace – Swarovsky

earrings – Swarovsky

gloves – Wittchen

faux fur scarf – Paule Ka



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