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Powder pink and navy blue


Powder pink and navy blue



Powder pink is one of my favourite pastel colors.

Coco Chanel said:

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you


In my opinion most women look good in pink, it’s just a matter of the colour tone. Powder pink makes you look fresh, rested and young. What do you think?

Actually, I was inspired to write this post because of two reasons.


First of all, I had knitted my latest sweater in powder pink and just wanted to show it off ; ). It’s a very warm alpaca wool and it’s a perfect piece for winter. Works perfectly under thinner coats. Generally, layered dressing is a great winter solution.


Second of all, my observation is that some women are “afraid” of pink because they don’t want to be perceived as “too blonde”. Do you know what I mean? All those blonde jokes…

Do you remember one of the first scenes from “Legally Blonde”, when Elle Woods hopes her boyfriend will propose and in fact he breaks up with her? And she says “Am I too blonde for you?”. This always cracks me up!  🙂

You could say this is such a silly comedy, while for me it perfectly illustrates stereotypical thinking about blondes. Don’t worry ladies, I will tell you a secret. All those jokes were invented by lonely, jealous brunettes who spend evenings alone because…”Gentlemen prefer blondes!” 😉


Ok, enough with the jokes – let’s go back to powder pink. This color works perfectly with other pastels like white, cream, and beige, but also looks great with grey and navy blue (my two favorite pink combinations). Additionally, it works well with the white winter landscape. On the other hand, we have to be careful with pink – we don’t want to look too sweet and childish, so in my opinion just choose one element of the outfit in pink.


And what are your experience with powder pink or any other tone of pink?


Let me take you on a “Legally Blonde” trip 😉


All photos by Robert Bajkowski




Legally Blond




Legally Blond




Legally Blond




Legally Blond




Legally Blond




You already know my weakness for hoods  from here 😉

Legally Blond




Let me draw your attention to the sleeves – they are long so you can hide your hands if you lose/forget to take gloves with you.

Legally Blond




Legally Blond





Let’s not forget to have some fun!

Legally Blond




Legally Blond




Legally Blonde



I am wearing:

Dress – Viola Spiechowicz

Coat – Viola Spiechowicz

Sweater – DIY, handmade by Renata

Boots – Deni Cler

Bag – Valentino

Gloves – Wittchen

faux fur scarf – Paule Ka

Necklace – Molton



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