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Recipe for successful wardrobe shopping


Recipe for successful wardrobe shopping



Spring is coming, and we are bombarded from every direction with the upcoming season’s “must haves”. So we have to do some shopping. Do we really have to do it? Aren’t our wardrobe’s overloaded? Mine definitely is! Do we wear everything that we have accumulated?


Such thoughts run through my head…It’s not like I cannot sleep because of it 😉

I just simply feel tempted to buy something new. I am not going to do it, as I am trying to implement some advice recommend by Joanna Glogaza in her book “Slow Fashion. Fashion Revolution” – at least I am trying to buy less. I highly recommend this book, especially the chapter “Closet clearing up”


Don’t you feel tempted to buy something new? Or perhaps you feel pressured to do shopping because you will feel dated without this season’s hits?


Dear Ladies, we are flooded by consumerism waves, and WE ALL DO HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES. I am sure that each of us has clothes that we have never worn! The same applies to accessories.




I was inspired to write this post not only by Joanna’s book, but also by a post by Funky Forty who wrote:

What is Wardrobe Shopping?

  • It’s going through your own wardrobe
  • It’s creating new looks with old clothes
  • Its saving money by not buying unnecessary items
  • It’s staying trendy on a zero budget
  • It’s combining what you have in different ways – thinking outside the box


Before we do shopping in our wardrobe let’s see Pantone Spring 2016 Color Report.

Here is the list of the TOP 10 colors for spring 2016


Przepis na zakupy


“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” – Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute


It is common knowledge that each color has its prettier and uglier tone, so we don’t have to follow Pantone’s recommendations if we don’t like them. But it is worth looking into our closet to check if we have something on the TOP 10 colors list. I assume that if we have something, we like this color (ok, I bet that at least once each of us had a wrong color purchase ;)), although you should also confirm that the color is appropriate for you regardless of whether it is on this seasons color list. Also review your accessories: shoes, scarfs, belts, jewelry.


And? Did you find something? Do you still like it? That’s great – shopping is done!


Here are some finds from my closet:



Rose quartz and iced coffee

Przepis na zakupy



fiesta and snorkel blue

Przepis na zakupy



limpet shell

Przepis na zakupy




Przepis na zakupy



And if you really want to buy something without splurging, try a new nail polish, a lipstick or a scarf.



I am curious what are your ways to be trendy? Is it important for you? Or perhaps you don’t care?

Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage, or tweet me @RenataDriscoll.


Stay tuned!



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