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Red blazer



After I had published my post „Chic at work” (here), I received many comments and messages in which my readers asked me to show more often work outfits. Your wish is my demand! So today I am presenting another outfit that is perfect for work.



Autumn has started, and although the days are cooler, fortunately the weather is still pleasant so there is no need for coats. Instead of cardigans, you can wear a blazer, and today I have such a proposal for you.


In my post “Dress for success over 40” (here), I wrote that you should not be afraid of color at work. I hope that today’s post will further convince you of this.


My blazer is a very interesting shade of red. It reminds me of a cherry tomato, and I love tomatoes! I wore a creamy wrap blouse in a delicate pattern – such a blouse is a nice alternative to a shirt. It is also more feminine than a shirt and looks chic and professional. I added brown pants and loafers. I wore leopard loafers intentionally to spice up the outfit –the devil is in the details! In my opinion, the leopard pattern makes this outfit more chic – actually it makes any outfit more chic, but only as an accessory or one piece of the wardrobe.


I chose delicate accessories: crystal earrings and a golden flower on a chain – such delicate jewelry nicely softens this look. I added a capacious caramel purse, which can hold many things, and matches the image of a professional woman.


I feel comfortable and professional in this outfit. The most important thing, is that this look is natural and doesn’t look unusual. I recommend to you to always be yourself. The work is not a place to show your sex appeal!



Today I am taking you for a walk in the area of Okopowa street.



What do you think about such an outfit? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.



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Czerwona marynarka



I am wearing:

blouse – Ann Taylor

pants – Fabiana Filippi

loafers – Michael Kors

purse – Prada

earrings – Lewanowicz Jewelry

necklace – Pierre Lang at Anja Coraletti

sunglasses – Linda Farrow




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