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Round-up week 1


Round-up Week 1


  1. INSPIRATION/MOTIVATION…#inspiration #motivation


How to quit your job, move to paradise and get paid to change the world MUST READ!

“…But never stop believing in yourself. The world is full of naysayers, all of them eager to shout you down at the slightest indication you might transcend mediocrity, but the greatest sin you can commit is to yourself become one of them. Our job isn’t to join that group, but to silence it, to accomplish things so great and unimaginable that its members are too awed to speak.

You can do it.

I believe in you.

So get started.

Right freaking now. “– John Morrow



  1. THIS WEEK WAS GOOD because…#smallpleasures #joyoflife
  • New year, new beginning!

Photo by Lidia Skuza



and 🙂


  • DIY – I finished another sweater 🙂







  • Today I was given a great super duper Xmas gift from my co-workers (as an external project manager I seldom go to their office)






  • It’s snowing! Finally!!!



WHY was this week GOOD FOR YOU?

Stay tuned!



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