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Round-up Week 15



Round-up Week 15



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Today I would like to recommend the crime novels of Katarzyna Bonda. I don’t think that her books were translated into English, but as soon as they are translated you should definitely read them. In my opinion, she is the queen of Polish crime stories. I can assure you, that while reading those books you will have goosebumps as big as Mt Everest.


Katarzyna Bonda – a bestselling author of crime novels. She introduced into Polish crime fiction “a profiler” in her trilogy about a police psychologist Hubert Meyer (THE CASE OF NINA FRANK, ONLY THE DEAD DON’T LIE, THE FLORIST), in 2014 she started publishing a four-book series called “a tetralogy of elements” featuring a female profiler Sasza Załuska (THE ABSORBER – AIR, in progress: THE BESPECTACLED – EARTH, THE LANTERNS – FIRE, THE RED SPIDER – WATER). She also authored of true crime books THE IMPERFECT MURDERS and POLISH FEMALE MURDERERS) and established and runs a creative writing school Katarzyna Bonda graduated in journalism from Warsaw University and in screenwriting from Łódź Film School (PWSFTViT).” – source:




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On Saturday April 16, I attended a workshop „An independent woman. Know the secrets of successful women” conducted by Kamila Rowińska. I have some more or less positive thoughts after this course, which I will write about in a separate post soon, because this course lasted the whole day and many things happened.






Thanks to Instagram I discover many interesting places in the internet. And not so long ago I discovered a CHICAGO CHIC blog by Rachel. She dresses and looks like from the Golden Era of Hollywood, and she identifies so much with the vintage style that she wears a corset every day, as well as appropriate outfits.


In 2009, she and her husband sold all of their belongings and moved to Rome, Italy, where Eric attended a prestigious tailoring school in Rome, learning every aspect of the art of making bespoke (made to measure) and couture garments, and Rachel took courses in design. They came back to Chicago and opened Atelier Jensen which creates bespoke luxury womenswear.


You have to check her blog out! Here are a few photos of Rachel to interest you in visiting her blog (source of photos: Chicago Chic blog). I cannot take my eyes off of her. A vintage look made to perfection.


Podsumowanie Tygodnia 15


Podsumowanie Tygodnia 15

Podsumowanie Tygodnia 15

Podsumowanie Tygodnia 15

WHY was this week GOOD FOR YOU?




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