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Round-up Week 16


Round-up Week 16



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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 16Today I would like to recommend a book that is very helpful and changed my life: „How to live with Hashimoto” by MD Leveke Brakebusch and prof. MD Armin Heufelder. I don’t know if this book has been translated into English.


Over the last few years, I have felt very bad. Try to imagine that you are non-stop tired, that you have so little energy like the energy has been sucked out of you, and add to it frequent mood changes (which for an eternal optimist like me was something new), and apathy, problems with hair and nails, getting puffy, unexplainable weight changes, muscles and joints pain, continuous feeling cold, and slight memory problems.


The worst of all was that the doctors were telling me that I was fine, and their recommendations were to work less and to avoid stress. What a great doctor’s prescription 😉 . And finally, almost two years ago one wise doctor realized that my thyroid should be checked. And voila, at last I knew what is wrong with me, and I felt relieved, but recovery has taken the last two years.


This is the only book on the Polish market that precisely describes the symptoms and causes of this illness, how to recognize it, how to cure it, how to eat (the diet is very important when you have Hashimoto!!!). It also has a very important paragraph “Psyche and Hashimoto”. Actually, the whole family should read this book because the support of a family and friends is extremely important.


I believe that I have learnt how to cope with Hashimoto, and I have my own observations, and if you want I can write a post about it from time to time, but everything depends on you. We can share our experience – please just let me know, for example here with your comments.




This week was GOOD because…#smallpleasures #joyoflife





On Saturday April 16th I took part in a training course “An Independent Woman” conducted by Kamila Rowińska.


On Wednesday April 20th, I had the pleasure to take part in a business meeting titled “Entrepreneurial Women’s Network Breakfast”. The guest of honor was Antonina Samecka, the founder and co-owner of RISK made in Warsaw. The other co-owner of RISK is Klara Kowtun.


Podsumowanie Tygodnia 16

selfie with Antonina Samecka


Once upon a time, two beautiful, young, talented and hard working women met and they decided to design feminine cloths, but also very comfortable at the same time-  cloths made out of jersey (we call it a sweatsuit jersey). At the beginning, everything was the color grey, but over a year ago they introduced other colors. The company was set up 5 years ago, and just after 2 years the turnover was already about PLN 3 mln. Nowadays they employ 46 people (excluding tailors). VERY IMPRESSIVE!


This meeting was very inspiring, and we listened to Antonina’s success story with pleasure. She told us her most difficult moment, and what was the success factor for the whole company. I liked a lot the fact that Antonina speaks openly about her roots, and how it has inspired her in her efforts. Additionally, Antonina is a graduate with a degree in art history, and she reads a lot of books and travels a lot, so she uses a very vivid and flamboyant language while talking about all her inspirations.


This meeting was a real pleasure, and I am very happy that finally I was able to meet Antonina in person, especially because I own a few things from RISK. I was a big fan from the beginning, and I have to admit that I loved to watch the pictures on their FB fanpage, mostly because I was admiring the beauty of the two owners, and of the other women presenting their clothes 🙂 . Just see it for yourself (on the pictures below)!


Podsumowanie Tygodnia 16

Antonina Samecka (source: FB fanpage Risk made in Warsaw)

Podsumowanie Tygodnia 16

Klara Kowtun (source: FB fanpage Risk made in Warsaw)

Podsumowanie Tygodnia 16

Klara Kowtun (source: FB fanpage Risk made in Warsaw)

If you are looking for a place where you can:

–          meet other women who have their own businesses,

–          exchange contacts,

–          network,

–          find inspirations and advice

the “Entrepreneurs breakfast meetings” is a perfect place for you. Highly RECOMMENDED!



WHY was this week GOOD FOR YOU?



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