Selfmade yellow sweater and cap




This yellow sweater and cap are my newest handmade DIYs. I love knitting – it relaxes me, and it is a kind of personal meditation. As soon as the autumn comes, I order different wools and I knit like crazy!



Today I want to show you my oversized yellow cardigan with interesting sleeves. I saw a similar sweater on Instagram, and I decided to knit it for myself. I keep repeating that Instagram is one of the best sources of inspiration. I also knitted a yellow cap out of the same wool.




This is a 100% wool cardigan and it’s very warm. In the spring and fall I am going to wear it with a white shirt/t-shirt and jeans. But it would be a pity to keep it in my closet till the spring time, so I found a new way of wearing it now.

I wore it over a lightweight grey coat, under which I wore a thin grey sweater. I added grey suede pants (also woolen), and I wrapped my neck with a wide, yellow shawl. I was really warm thanks to the layering!





As you know, I love bright colors, and I like to mix them. So I chose red gloves and a tangerine purse. Finally, I added very comfortable, honey-colored booties.





I know that such vivid colors are very bold, so I decided that the inner layer of my outfit should be in grey neutrals.






The shorter and gloomier the day, the brighter the colors I choose to wear. They immediately lift my mood, and simply make me happy.






yellow sweater – selfmade
cap – selfmade
coat – Lalous
grey sweater – 303 Avenue
pants – 303 Avenue
booties – Rag & Bone
bag – LV
shawl – Promod
gloves – Simple




Photos Robert Bajkowski


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