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Shorts and the city


Shorts and the city



Szorty w wielkim mieście



A beautiful and hot spring has apparently arrived for good. We are awaiting summer and the many barbecue weekends. What should you wear if it’s hot, and you are neither in a mood for a dress nor pants? And additionally you are going to stay in the city. It’s time for shorts!



Shorts are great, but I do not like wearing them too short in the city. It has nothing to do with age, because even 20 years ago I believed that shorts just under the butt cheeks are only good for the seaside. Different fashion canons apply there. In the city, the city chic is a must for me.


Today I am wearing my favorite navy blue knee shorts. They are also perfect for biking. I added a shirt, comfy loafers and a green shopper bag. Of course not every woman likes flats, so you can also wear wedges and still stay comfy. I have problems with dark spots on my face, so I also put on a hat if I spend a lot of time outside.


I love Warsaw during the weekend, and in the summer time when almost everybody leaves the city. The city is empty, finally there is no traffic, and there are still many attractions and things to do in the city.


Today I am taking you to the city beach on the right side of the Vistula river just next to the National Stadium. From there you can see the Old Town, which is located vis a vis on the left side of the river. You can also see the Warsaw “Manhattan” skyline, which means the office buildings that have been built over the last 20 years.


Enjoy 🙂



Do you like shorts? What kind of shorts would you choose for yourself? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.



Photos Robert Bajkowski



Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


Szorty w wielkim mieście


I am wearing:

Shirt – Esprit

Shorts – Banana Republic

Bag – Jaeger

Loafers – Wittchen

Wedges – J.Crew

Sunglasses – DITA Eyewear

Bracelets – Lewanowicz Jewellery

Necklace – Lilou



Stay tuned!



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