Slouchy corduroy pants



I love corduroy! I used to wear corduroy pants a lot in the past, but later I seemed to forget about them. Or perhaps I never found corduroy pants that I liked? Frankly I don’t remember.


Recently, I found very soft cotton corduroy pants with a beautiful rust color. I love them, even though they are in a very difficult slouchy cut. They tend to make me look bigger, but frankly I don’t care!






I wore a cashmere blue sweater and a leather blazer. In my opinion, blue and brown/rust is a great color combination, and actually is quite trendy this season. I accessorized my look with suede booties and a brown purse.





Some time ago, I felt that I finally had enough of all the media promoting a forever young and slim/thin look. Everywhere you can find a lot of advice on how to look younger, slimmer, and longer…


I have had enough of this and frankly don’t like it! I want to be myself. I stopped dyeing my hair, embraced my natural silver hair, and I feel fantastic! Do I look my age now? So what! I am not ashamed of the fact that I will be 50 next year. 🙂


So today, in defiance of this „eternal youth trend”, I am showing something else. The world is not long and thin. Our world is full of normal women. Repeating after my colleagues: fashion has no size! So let’s have some fun! 🙂





Photos by Mega Cz.



corduroy pants – Massimo Dutti

blazer – Marc Cain

cashmere sweater – Franco Callegari

booties – Massimo dutti

purse – Coccinelle

sunnies – Prada

pearls – Pecunia by Forget m not


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