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Snow White – winter whites



Snow White – winter whites


Snow White woke up early on Sunday morning and the first thing she did, as usual, was to look through the window to check the weather and say “Hello!” to the world.

“Some snow, +1 degrees Celsius, not bad. It’s perfect weather for my made to measure white coat” – she thought.

She was on her way out when she heard:

“What a stupid idea! Such an impractical color. It will be dirty in a second!” – said the evil step mother.

“Have you heard about dry cleaning?” – Snow White thought rolling her eyes.


Ok, that was my daydream and the reality is:

“Darling, you know that I love you madly but Snow White at your age?! Please, The Snow Queen at the most, but a good hearted my love” – said my husband full of amusement.


Well… #nice #mantalks #heknowshowtomakemesmile 😉


When the winter comes most people choose dark colors, mostly black (at least in Warsaw) but I love colors. Truly speaking, I am kind of “coloropathic” – colors influence my mood and darks, especially black, takes me down.

And what do you think about colors for winter?



One of my favourite Polish blogs about style is Classic Valeria (in Polish only), I wish she wrote more often. Check her latest post “How to wear white in winter?” – you don’t have to speak Polish, as the good pictures explain it all.


All photos by Robert Bajkowski


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Snow White


Snow white



Snow white


Snow white



Snow white



Snow white



Snow white




Snow White


Snow white



Snow white




I am wearing:

Coat – Bielenia Woman MTM

Sweater – Yaya Women at Liya Boutique

Dress – Mitika at Liya Boutique

Shawl – Louis Vuitton

Necklaces – Lewanowicz

Boots – Max Mara

Bag – CH Carolina Herrera

Gloves – Wittchen



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